Cartography Table in Minecraft: All Details Here

Cartography table in MinecraftThe Minecraft World is way too large to measure. However, there is one way to keep track of your surroundings. And that is to use a map. But to make a map you need a Cartographer. Moreover, to get that you need a Cartography table in Minecraft. A Cartography Table has various roles in Minecraft.

It helps to make Maps in Minecraft. You can craft simple maps, Locator Maps, And much more. Moreover, the Cartography table is also a Job Block for Villagers. This block is easily accessible and really helpful if you know how to use it. The recipe to craft one is also very easy. Let us start from the basics, first.

Finding a Cartography Table in Minecraft

Cartography table in Minecraft
Cartography table in Village

The Cartography table can be found in 2 ways. The first is that it naturally spawns in villages. It can spawn inside a cartographer’s House. To know that the village has a Cartographer. The house of the Cartographer will have flowers outside of it. Inside, there will be carpets and a Cartography table. And the other way is to craft the Cartography table by yourself. Let us show you how.

Crafting of Cartography Table in Minecraft

The crafting of a cartography table is really easy. It is just a block or Crafting table with papers on it. To craft a cartography table, you will need only 2 items. The first one is Wooden Planks. It doesn’t matter which wood type you use. And the second item is Paper.

Crafting a Cartography Table

Cartography table in Minecraft
Crafting recipe of Cartography table

Step-1: Get any wooden Log. (Any Type of Wood in Minecraft will Work.)

Step-2: Then Convert the wooden log into wooden Planks.

Step-3: Get 6 Sugarcanes.

Step-4: Make 2 papers with those Sugar canes.

Step-5: Place those 4 wooden planks on a crafting table. The placement is on the bottom 4 slots, such that the recipe copies the recipe of the crafting table.

Step-6: Then place the papers on the top of those wooden planks on the crafting table.

Step-7: Hence, you have your Cartography table in Minecraft ready. Drag it in your inventory.

Working of Cartography Table

Cartography table in Minecraft
The interface of Cartogrphy Table

The Cartography table has a very simple working process. It has various uses. The main purpose is associated with maps, though. Thus the working is divided into different categories, depending upon the use, version of Minecraft, and much more. However, the main uses are Zooming out, Locking a Map, Renaming a Map(Only in Bedrock), Creating Empty Maps, etc.

Cartography table in Minecraft
Making a new map

As the Cartography table in Minecraft has two slots on the left. And a slot on the right. The left ones are for the material that is to be used in the making of the product. Raw material as you call it. And the product is collected in the right slot.

So, based upon the raw material and use, here is the list of the uses of the Cartography Table. And the material used in it:-

      • Map + Paper = Zoomed out Map( 1 level higher than the previous one)

        Cartography table in Minecraft
        Zooming out of the map
      • Empty Map +  Map= Two Identical Maps

        Cartography table in Minecraft
        Coping of a Map
      • Map + Glass Pane = Locked Map

        Cartography table in Minecraft
        Locked map
      • Map + Compass = Locator Map(Only in Bedrock)
      • Empty Map + Compass = Empty Locator Map(Only in Bedrock)
      • Empty Paper = Empty Map

So all these are the uses of the Cartography table in Minecraft. We hope that these details were useful to you. And to get more information like this. Follow Moroesports on Facebook, Instagram.

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