Moncler Cosmetics Fortnite: Moncler x Fortnite Collaboration

moncler fortnite
Moncler Cosmetics in Fortnite

Moncler x Fortnite Collaboration (Fashion Collab): As players are already aware that Fortnite is super active in terms of collaborations with different brands, comics, artists, games on regular basis. Now this time the Fortnite has collaborated with Moncler to bring new cosmetics into the game. Lastly, players noticed the Fortnite x Naruto collaboration in the game.

It is super exciting to see new cosmetics released in Fortnite on regular basis. It keeps the whole game very interesting and gives players a chance to enjoy playing with new skins and outfits. So maybe this crossover will also gain popularity like other Fortnite past cross-overs.

Fortnite x Moncler Collaboration:

Many Fortnite data miners already posted about this crossover before the Fortnite official announcement. Special thanks to every Data miner for keeping the whole Fortnite community updated about the upcoming Fortnite events.

These skins or outfits are not yet added to the game but it is estimated that players will be able to see them in the Fortnite item shop tomorrow i.e 20th November 2021. Players are very excited about these new skins and waiting to see them in the item shop tomorrow.

Fortnite x Moncler Cosmetics:

At present, it is not officially mentioned that how many items will be there in this Fortnite x Moncler crossover. However, according to the leaks it can be predicted that there will be five items that are going to join the game tomorrow. Again they are subject to change as these items are according to the leaks. Here are all the items:

  • Moncler Classic Set (Andre and Renee Outfits)
  • Umbra-tube Fortnite Back Bling
  • Umbra-Axe Fortnite Pickaxe
  • Para-Pluie Fortnite Glider
  • “The Summit” Fortnite Loading Screen

The above mentioned are some of the cosmetics that can come under the Moncler Cosmetics in Fortnite. All skins will be there latest by tomorrow according to one of the famous Fortnite data miners:

In the above tweet, players can see the Loading screen that is coming to the game with this Fortnite x Moncler collaboration. This black loading screen will give an amazing look while entering into the match in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Fortnite has also released one short video on their official Youtube channel which gives an amazing sneak peek of these skins and cosmetics. In the description, Fortnite has mentioned- “High fashion from Moncler lands in Fortnite”. You can check out that video below:

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