Decidueye Pokemon Build And Moveset And More : Pokemon Unite

In this article we are going to tell you about the Decidueye Pokemon Build And Moveset in Pokemon Unite. This article is stepwise which will help you to understand easily.


Decidueye Pokémon Build And Moveset: Players should be able to further enhance their Pokemon’s abilities in Pokemon Unite. In which game, Decidueye is the newest addition to Pokemon Unite, an attacker with three evolution forms. So, in this post, we are going to tell you about the Decidueye Pokemon Build And Moveset in Pokemon Unite. This Pokemon is a little slow in the game but it has incredible moves that will win it.

About Decidueye Pokémon

You want to know because Pokémon Unite lands on Decidueye for Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS then it arrives on November 19, 2021 today. This release date came after the official Pokémon Unite Twitter account uploaded a teaser picture of arrows shooting through the arena which hinting at Decidueye’s revolution, Decidueye Pokemon Build and Moveset.

In Pokemon Unite According to the official Pokemon Unite Twitter, Decidueye Pokemon has been confirmed to play the role of an attacker. So, prepare your hands We may have an aggressive juggernaut on our hands.

Pokémon Unite Decidueye statistics

Decidueye High Offensive Statistics

Decidueye is going towards the Ranged Attack in Pokemon Unite with his abilities. We can safely see that the statistics of Decidueye is focusing on offence. And Pokemon Unite Decidueye will most likely have a higher Attack stat with lower values ​​for Endurance. It’s also possible that we can see in the move of Decidueye would have some dash abilities that could contribute to scoring and mobility stats.

Decidueye Moveset And Build

Basic Attack – In this attack increases the speed for a short time after one hit. This impact can load up with every third activation of this effect and its basic attacks serve boosted.

Long Reach – Long Reach is an ability of Decidueye. When It hits deals increased damage to distant opposing Pokemon.

Leafage – In Decidueye Pokemon Build and moves, pelts leaves in the designated direction and deals damage to opposing Pokemon hit by them. This move has two seats on Level 7, we can select one of the following moves:

Moveset 1 – Razor Leaf

Moveset 2 – Spirit Shackle

In Decidueye Pokemon Build, you must use Spirit Shackle comparing more than Razor Leaf because it charges power before firing quills in the designated direction. This Pokemon Damage dealt by quills boosts the extended strength is charged. And when it upgrades, it deals damage to opposing Pokemon with low remaining HP.

Astonish – Astonish attack inflicts harm to Pokemon and reduce their action speed for a short period. Upon reaching level 8 this moves also divide into two Moves:

Moveset 1 – Leaf Storm

Moveset 2 – Shadow Sneak

I’m personally using Leaf Storm in my build because it creates a tempest of sharp leaves and deals damage to the team. When this Attack upgrades, it increases the length of time that the movement speed of opposing Pokemon is decreased.

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