Fortnite v18.40 Update: Naruto Skin, Mechs and Much More

Fortnite v18.40 Updat
Fortnite v18.40 Update

Fortnite v18.40 Update:Β Everyone in the Fortnite community is very much excited about this upcoming Fortnite v18.40 Update. This is one of the major updates of this Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8. All players were waiting for the Fortnite x Naruto collaboration.

Finally, the wait is about to over. This Fortnite v18.40 Update is expected to happen on 16th November 2021 at Β 4 A.M. ET / 1 A.M. PT. It is just an estimated time so players are requested to keep patience in case the time changes a little bit. Moreover, the servers will be down for about one hour during the update.

Fortnite v18.40 Update Early Patch Notes:

According to HYPEX who is one of the famous and most trusted Fortnite data miners. There are a few things that players can expect from this Fortnite v18.40 Update which is going to take place today.

New Cosmetics:

Firstly as per HYPEX players will be able to see new cosmetics in the game after the Fortnite v18.40 Update. It is the most common thing that is added to almost every Fortnite update. You will be able to see new skins in the Fortnite item shop.

Naruto Collab:

New skins in Fortnite will also include the new Naruto Skin for which most of you guys were waiting for so long. Fortnite x Naruto promotions are already going on in Japan. There are lots of Posters and ads going at different places and you can see the same promotions in the above Tweet which is shared by ShinaBR.

Naruto Mythic Weapon:

As you guys already know that there are speculations going on that the Naruto Skin will come along with a mythic explosive weapon whose name is KUNAI. HYPEX has also leaked the stats of this KUNAI mythic explosive weapon. So it is expected that we can see this KUNAI in this Fortnite v18.40 Update.

Fortnite v18.40 Bug Fixes:

As you can see there are two Fortnite Battle Royale bugs that Fortnite is going to solve in this v18.40 Update. There can be more bugs too but as per leaks these are the two bugs that Fortnite will solve:

  • Collection Book entries disappearing while using performance mode in Fortnite.
  • The vehicle may desync when a player exits the vehicle in Fortnite.

Mechs May Returning Back to Fortnite:

Many Fortnite data miners and Fortnite YouTubers has revealed that Fortnite is planning to add the Mechs to the game again. So it may be the right time for Fortnite to introduce new Mechs in Fortnite along with this brand new v18.40 Update. It will be amazing to see the Mechs again in the game after so long.

Everyone is excited about this Fortnite v18.40 Update. Hope it will be up to the expectations of Fortnite players. Most importantly above-mentioned information about this Update is based on unofficial sources as a result they may change.

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