Blaze Fortnite Skin is Back in the Item Shop Today

blaze skin fortnite
Blaze Skin

Blaze Fortnite Skin: As you guys know Fortnite updates its item shop on daily basis. You will see new skins and cosmetics thereafter every 24 hours. So this time the Epic has featured the blaze Fortnite skin today.

Many players may already know about this skin because it is not new skin that is added to the game today. This Skin has returned to the Fortnite item shop after almost 42 days. Players are excited and happy to see this skin again in Fortnite.

Blaze Skin Fortnite is Back:

Firstly this skin was released in the Fortnite Battle Royale in Chapter2 Season 3. It comes under Lava Series rarity in the game. The description of this skin states Fill the world with flames. It is amazing skin that comes in a Lava theme outfit.

This skin is based on a Lava theme so it comes with the orange and yellow colour combination on its outfit. You will also see some glowing strips like fire on this Blaze skin. This skin is like another version of the original Renegade Raider skin in Fortnite.

When you will purchase this skin in Fortnite it will come along with one exclusive Firemaster back bling. It is a female character Fortnite skin which is a part of Renegade Flame Set. This set contains only two items as of now that are mentioned below:

  • Fortnite Blaze Skin
  • Firemaster back bling

Appearances in Item Shop:

In total, the Blaze skin has appeared 14 times in the Fortnite Battle Royale item shop. This skin was released on 28th June 2020 i.e 505 days ago. Now, this skin has returned back to the item shop today i.e 15th November 2021. According to the trend, it can be predicted that skin returns back to the Fortnite item shop after every 30 days.

How to Get Blaze Skin in Fortnite:

Blaze skin
Blaze Fortnite Skin

Many players are crazy about this skin but sadly players can not get this skin for free in Fortnite Battle Royale. Players will need to purchase this Blaze Skin directly from the Fortnite item shop. It will be available for purchase till tomorrow so it is advisable for players to buy this skin as soon as possible.

This Blaze Skin will cost you 1,500 V-Bucks in Fortnite. As mentioned this skin will come along with one exclusive Firemaster back bling. Below is the gameplay video of this great Fortnite Skin:

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