Valorant Patch Notes 3.10: Release Date And Details

Know all the details about Valorant's upcoming patch note which is going to be 3.10.

Valorant Patch Notes 3.10
New Valorant Patch notes- Release Date

The upcoming patch notes of Valorant 3.10 are going to be the most awaited one, as fans are eagerly waiting to know what’s coming. Moreover, there will be some major updates, and the addition of the new agent Chamber will be going to be the highlight of this new Valorant update.

The most recent patch note was released for the 3.09 update. Players were introduced with a new Act and a new battle pass. The new Sentinel agent Chamber was delayed for two weeks, which means it is all set to release in the 3.10 update which will release on November 16.

All You Need To Know About Valorant Patch Notes 3.10

On previous occasions, Valorant release their patch notes 24 hours or 48 hours before the update is scheduled. Furthermore, the patch notes give a brief idea to the player on what’s coming in the game. Mostly, in the patch notes, there is information about agents’ nerfs, buffs and what are the bugs and improvements made in the game.

For example in the previous 3.09 patch notes, there were fixing several bugs like Cypher’s cam placement and Sage’s wall.

Release Date And Expected Things To Arrive

The upcoming patch notes of Valorant which is for 3.10 are expected to arrive on 15th November. Furthermore, players can check out the official website of Valorant in order to read them. Also, you can tune into the Moro esports website to read the upcoming patch note.

The arrival of Chamber is almost confirmed and the new Sentinel agent will be rolled out after the 3.10 update. Also, we can expect some bug fixes and improvements especially on the new map of Fracture.

Other than these, the most awaited thing is 5 man stack will be available for all players. This means, Radiant and Immortal players will be able to match up with 4 other teammates in ranked games.

For Indian players, the patch note will arrive on 15th November around 7:00 PM. Also, the Radiant Crisis will be replaced by a new bundle skin and it will be interesting to see what Valorant devs have this time.

Chamber Release Date on Competetive

New Agent Valorant Chamber Competitive
Chamber is a Sentinel agent

There will be no separate release date for the agent in competitive. Moreover, once unlocked, Chamber can be used in any other game mode in Valorant including competitive.

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