Booyah Day 2021: New UMP EVO Gun Skin is Released in Free Fire

Booyah Day 2021: New UMP EVO Gun Skin is Released in Free Fire

New Evo Gun Skin in Free Fire i.e UMP EVO Gun Skin: Free Fire never gets a shortage of events. As we know, Free Fire is running a Faded Wheel Event or you can say the Booyah Day 2021. Furthermore, during this event, they are releasing new items every day (according to schedule). Today they are going to release a new UMP gun skin. However, it is going to be a limited time offer so try to get it as soon as possible because it is one of the best UMP Skin in Free Fire.Β 

Well, in this blog post you will read about the new gun skin. Furthermore, you will also learn its features and abilities. So, Let’s get into it without further ado…

Booyah Day 2021: New UMP EVO Gun Skin

There are many gun skins in the Free Fire game and one of them is EVO. Furthermore, they are a rare type and little special than any other gun skin in the game. UMP’s latest skin also comes into the EVO category. However, EVO skins have an option to upgrade them and increase their potential. Every EVO skin has a total of 7 levels and after every upgrade, it becomes more powerful.

The Free Fire Twitter account officially tells their player about the release of UMP EVO Gun Skin in the game. Furthermore, It is only available in the Faded Wheel Event which is the currently running event. You can access it from the event section where you need to spin the wheel and check your Luck!

How to Get the Latest Gun Skin?

As we know, it is a special in-game item that is available during this Spin Wheel Event. Furthermore new ump Evo gun going to be a little expensive in terms of Diamonds. Then let’s learn more about this event and the total cost. The first wheel spin starts with 19 diamonds and it goes to 599 diamonds. Well, if you want to get New UMP Gun Skin then it takes at least 1069 diamonds.Β 

The best thing about this event and Booyah Day 2021 is it has one of the best Free Fire cosmetics. Furthermore, today they have one of the best UMP Gun Skin in this event.

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