“Playing Duelist As IGL is Almost Impossible”: PSY Opens Up

Duelists are aggressive agents who are responsible to pick up frags. Know what PSY has to say on this.

PSY On Duelist IGL
Valorant professional player PSY

Team XO’s IGL and former CS: GO professional PSY came up with a statement on his stream that performing the role of an IGL and playing Duelist is a very tough task. Currently, PSY is the in-game leader of Team XO. Recently, he was seen playing on agent Jett on a few maps which is a duelist agent. However, the performances were not up to the expectations. Referring to that, PSY on his stream explained the factors and what’s wrong.

Moreover, PSY also claimed that what is going wrong for his team when they are up against teams like Global esports and Velocity Gaming.

How Much PSY is Right On Duelist IGL?

PSY On Duelist IGL
PSY with his teammates

There are a total of four types of agents in Valorant- Duelist, Sentinels, Controllers, and Initiators. Duelists are aggressive agents who are responsible to collect early kills as they have abilities accordingly. Duelist agents like Jett and Raze are the most played agents in Valorant competitive.

Recently, PSY was seen playing Jett. The former entity player was known best for his AWPing skills in the counter strike game. According to him, he was asked to use the sniper rifle operator in Valorant. And, as all know that Jett is the most favorable agent to get hands-on Operator.

XO’s IGL PSY struggled with his operator whenever he is on the duelist Jett. Furthermore, he cleared things on his live stream and explained how tough it is to use Duelist, get early picks in the game, and control your team at the same time. It is often seen that early picks create a lot of space for your team, but it is a tough task to analyze the game and create room at the same time.

PSY is very right on the call that performing as IGL on a duelist agent is a very tough task. Furthermore, this is the sole reason why top teams IGFs are not duelists. Sentinels Shahzam is the only player from top teams who plays Duelist and leads the team. Shahz plays Jett, that too on one map only i.e Split.

Recently, Binks also transferred his IGL role to one of his teammates and since then S8UL is on a role. Binks is a Raze Main player.

Also, IGLs of Global esports and Velocity gaming mostly play on initiator or on Sentinels.

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