What Is Old Name Of Observatory In Free Fire- New Updates?

Old Name Of Observatory In Free Fire
Old Name Of Observatory In Free Fire

Free Fire developers keep on making changes in maps and in-game lobbies. The changes are made to enhance the game experience for the players. Also, players want to know the old name of Observatory in Free Fire and also about the old map. So, we will discuss these topics in this article.

Garena Free Fire was launched on 23 August 2017. During the launch time, Free Fire was completely different in comparison to the existing Free Fire. Also, now we have 5 different maps in Free Fire, but du=uring launch time Free Fire was having just a single map and the first-ever map was removed to add new maps.

What Is the Old Name Of Observatory In Free Fire?

A lot of changes have been made to the Free Fire Bermuda map. Besides, the Observatory is not the only new place added to the Bermuda map. Bermuda was a very open map. Not many places were added at the time Bermuda was launched. Also, some places were locked during the initial days.

Moreover, Observatory was not directly added to the game. Old name of Observatory is different in Free Fire . The place was named FarmΒ when the Bermuda map was launched. After a few updates, Farm was replaced by a new place called Outpost.Β This new place was filled with many new houses.

The outpost was not much loved by the Free Fire players. Further, after a few updates in Free Fire, Outpost was replaced by a new place named Observatory. Also, the Observatory has been modified at certain times with the new updates. It became one of the loved drop locations for the Free Fire players.

So, Farm was replaced by Outpost and the outpost was replaced by Observatory after few updates in the Free Fire Bermuda map.

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