Free Fire Booyah Wish Event: Gloo Wall, Emotes, and Other Rewards

Free Fire Booyah Wish Event: Gloo Wall, Emotes, and Other Rewards

Free Fire Booyah Wish Event and Rewards: Garena Free Fire is coming with new and exciting events for all survivors. Furthermore, this event contains more than one grand prize with other small rewards. This event is going to be similar to the previous Booyah Skin Trial Event. Now, this event is not going to be Free but it can be cheap (for many players). In other words, players need to invest in diamonds to obtain rewards.

Then, the best thing about this event is every single reward in the event is Rare and Epic. Furthermore, if you can then you should participate in the Booyah Wish Event and obtain rewards.

Well, Below you will read about the procedure to participate in this Free Fire Booyah Wish Event. Furthermore, you will get the full list of rewards and prizes you can obtain. Last but not least you will also get some useful and secret tips which will be beneficial for you!

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Free Fire Booyah Wish Event and Rewards Detail: 

First thing first, What is this Booyah Wish Event? In this event you get a chance to wish for rewards and Free Fire will grant your wish. Furthermore, you need gems in a huge amount to get something useful from this event.

The next big question is how to wish? First, you need to open the event section of your Free Fire game and search for Booyah Wish Event among them. Then you get two options to make your wish. The first one needs 20 gems per wish. The second one is a bit cheaper than the first because it gives you 10+1 wishes for 200 gems.

The second option is quite a chapter if you are going to make multiple wishes. Then in the next step of the Free Fire Booyah Wish Event, the game will open a Huge Chest for you and grant your wish. But the rewards are random and you can get anything.

Grand Reward List:

  • Power of the Booyah Bundle
  • Emote
  • Gloo Wall
  • Aug

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The event is quite special and rare for Free Fire gamers. Furthermore, you can obtain some rare and special in-game items for cheap. Because many rewards of this event have a price of over thousands of diamonds.

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