ESports Premier League 2021 India Today Gaming – Free Fire

In this post I am going to tell you about the ESports Premier League 2021 India Today Gaming - Free Fire. This article is stepwise which will help you to understand easily.


ESports Premier League 2021: India Today Gaming has shed new light on India’s gaming community by announcing the Esports Premier League as a franchise based FF tournament. So, in this article, I’m telling you about the ESports Premier League 2021 India Today Gaming – Free Fire. This tournament had a huge prize pool of Rs 25,00,000 to be distributed among the top 8 teams.

About ESports Premier League Teams:

ESPL provided an IPL-like platform for teams with the last 8 teams being Total Gaming esports, Two-Side Gamers, Galaxy Racer, Desi-Gamers, TSM FTX, Badge99, Ungraduate Gamers and Telegu Gaming FF.

These teams were named Kolkata Cajas, Mumbai Marshals, Delhi Dukes, Bangalore Ballistics, Rajasthan Reapers, Chennai Celestials, Punjab Paladins and Hyderabad Hydras with 8 franchise teams playing in the eSports Premier League in BO5 format on Kalahari and Bermuda Maps.

About Champions: Mumbai Marshal – 

During ESports Premier League 2021, Team Mumbai Marshal in eSports Premier League 2021 was reveale by Hon’ble Sports and Youth Welfare Minister Sunil Chhatrapal Kedar, Delhi Duke revealed by Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.

Mumbai Masters were the favourites while the competition went ahead with players named of FTX-Indro, FTX-MrJay, FTX-Amadron, FTX-Illuminati, and FTX-Oldmonk. They reached the finals after defeating Bangalore Ballistics in the semi-finals.

ESports Premier League Grand Final – 

In ESPL, The country’s first city-based esports final was held on 16 August. When Mumbai faced Bangalore which they defeated in the final. The Mumbai showed an incredible form creating a 2 v 4 situation in the last moment.

After that, both the players of the Bangalore team were out and Mumbai yelled Booyah and marking them as champions. The award ceremony was held at a hotel in Mumbai city. And also the Mumbai team got Rs 12 lakh as the champions.

In ESports Premier League, Mumbai Marshall’s Jayesh Yadav Mr Jai was name as the player of the tournament with 74 kills. Along with prize money of Rs. 30,000.


ESports Premier League was like a Celebration of Esports, playing out in a final couple of months. There was an overwhelming response from all over the country. The players showcased their A-game and the tournament was nothing small of top class.

We wish these athletes to prepare more use of this experience and win medals for the nation in moments to come. The organizers also said that they expected around 30 million views but it crossed 80 million views. This boosted their morale and they are already gearing up for next year tournament with an even bigger event and even bigger prizes.

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