Top 5 Valorant Streamer In India To Subscribe On Youtube

Here is a list of Top 5 Valorant streamer in India.

Top 5 Valorant Streamers In India
List of Valorant streamers

Top 5 Valorant Streamer In India: Valorant has emerged as one of the most played games in India. After the ban of PUBG Mobile, Valorant’s release came as a blessing for Indian streamers. However, most of the CS: GO streamers didn’t find it too difficult to shift on it as the game is much likely similar.

There are so many Indian streamers in India, but who is the most popular when it comes to Valorant? Let’s find out.

List Of Best Valorant Streamer in India

The list of streamers in India is very long. However, making a list of the top 5 is not an easy task to do. So, we made a list of streamers based on the game time they spend on Valorant. So, let’s jump into the list.

5. Zishu: 156k Subscribers

Sohail a.k.a Zishu is one of the most famous Valorant streamers in the country. Moreover, his montages are insane and even Flights (T1 content creator) reacted to his montage once.

Previously, Zishu was a content creator for Velocity gaming and now he is at Team XO.

4. Fa2: 110k Subscribers

If you love late-night and long streams with humor, you can follow this man. Amit a.k.a Fa2 is a content creator for Velocity Gaming and is famous for his baiting abilities. Most of the time is he is found playing Jett, but he tries every agent from time to time.

Also, you can’t afford to miss his streams when he is playing with his friend Tbone

3. SK Rossi: 98.1k Subscribers

Rossi is a professional player for Global esports and has represented India at APAC LCQ. Moreover, he is also a good streamer and one can learn insane Jett techniques by watching his streams.

Rossi is considered as one of the best players who will be one of the best in the world in the upcoming few days.

2. Tbone: 163k Subscribers

Shobith ‘TbOne’ Rai is another content creator for Velocity gaming who is very much famous for his humor. Fans love his innocent nature which makes the audience laugh a lot. Also, his recent stream setup is offering a great quality of the stream.

In case you want to learn some Cypher setups, you definitely need to follow this man.

  1. 8bit Binks: 175k Subscribers

Mithul Nayak a.k.a Binks ism a professional player and a streamer. Binks plays for S8UL and is one of the content creators for 8bit.

He is often seen playing Raze. Apart from his gameplay, he offers great laughter content for his audience.

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