Make A New Friend In Pokemon Go: Complete Guide

In this post, we are going to tell you about How to Make A New Friend In Pokemon Go: Complete Guide. This article is stepwise which will help you to understand easily.

Make A New Friend In Pokemon Go: Complete Guide
Make A New Friend: Pokemon Go

Make A New Friend In Pokemon Go: Pokemon Go is one of the best games in the world which is completely based on the Pokemon series. So, in this post, we are going to talk about Pokemon Go related topics on How to Make A New Friend In Pokemon Go: Complete Guide. This game won the BAFTA Games Award for Mobile and Handheld.

About Make A New Friend In Pokemon Go:

Many exciting changes and features are now added to the previous PokΓ©mon GO update. Adding friends in Pokemon Go is a new thing that was brought with the hotfix in the past and players are loving it. This feature will let connected friends easily track each other’s in-game activities. These activities can include the total number of Pokemon they have caught. The battles they won and even the distance they have covered while playing this game.

In Pokemon Go Make A New Friend, there are also some such steps by which you can make new friends in Pokemon Go –

  • First, open the Pokemon Go game.
  • Second, in the game click on Trainer Profile.
  • Third, try to search the Friends on the menu.
  • Fourth, click on the ‘Add a Friends‘ option.
  • Fifth and final, take their friends’ trainer codes and paste them in front of the box.

About Trainer Codes: Pokemon Go –

In Pokemon Go new trainer, code may just be inspired by Nintendo’s Friend Code. So is beneficial for the players as well as their friends but it all depends on the level of friendship between the players. In addition, Pokemon Go players are enjoying the newly launched Pokemon Fifth Anniversary Collection in the past.

We can achieve this on 6 levels of friendship with other players in the game then you have to interact with them every day to level up. After this, you can access new bonuses and tasks.

Because of this, Pokemon Go is best when played with friends. Most of the time Pokemon Go’s features can enjoy while playing independently but some factors require friends to take the most into the game.

Add Trainers Friend With Codes In Pokemon Go:

It works the same way as finding your trainer code. Navigate to your Friends page and hit the ‘Add Friend’ button. Below this, there will be a box where you can enter your chosen friend code. Copy the code into the box then press Send. Now, it is just a matter for the player to accept.

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