Fortnite Recon Expert Rarest Skin: All You Need to Know

Fortnite Recon Expert Skin
Recon Expert Skin

Fortnite Recon Expert Skin: The Recon Expert skin is the rarest skin in the Fortnite Battle Royale. Players are crazy about this amazing Recon Expert Skin. It is because this skin was available over 2 years ago over 900 days ago. Also, available just for a few days only.

Recon Expert in Fortnite:

As mentioned it comes under Rare outfits in Fortnite. Also, its description states, “Rare recon expert outfit.” This skin was first released in Fortnite Season 1. It comes under the oldest Fortnite Skins.

At that time only a few players purchased it from the season shop. This is the reason which makes it different from other skins and outfits. This skin comes in two selectable styles. One is default with the Hat on the head and another style is with no Hat.

Item Shop Appearances:

Fortnite Recon Expert skin first appeared on 30th October 2017 i.e 1468 days ago. After appearing in the year 2017, it again appeared in the year 2020 which is almost after 2 years. In total, this skin has been seen in the item shop 12 times. The last date on which this skin appeared was July 18th 2021.

How to Get Recon Expert skin :

Fortnite Recon Expert Skin
Fortnite Skin

Fortnite Recon Expert can be obtained by purchasing it from the Fortnite Battle Royale Item Shop only. There is no other way to get this skin in Fortnite yet. This skin costs you around 1,200 V-Bucks which is justified as it is the oldest and rarest skin in Fortnite. The last when players got the opportunity to purchase this skin from the item shop was July 18th 2021.

Like other skins, it was also available for a limited time period only. Many players grabbed this amazing skin at that time. The strange thing about it was that epic added this skin to the game without any prior official announcement. It was added secretly to the game.

When Fortnite Recon Expert skin was added to the game last time then few players were not happy about it. They felt that this will decrease the rarity status of this amazing skin which is also right.

It was introduced in 2017 so very few players had access to this skin but in the last two years, Epic has released this skin two times because of which now many players have this Skin.

Overall this is a great skin many players want to buy it but sadly it is not available in the item shop presently. According to the trend, it may be available next year in the item shop.

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