Custom Nether Portal Designs: Minecraft Version 1.17

Custom Nether Portal Designs
Credit:- Youtube

Nether Portal in Minecraft is the pathway to the other dimension. What most players refer to it as, “The Doorway to the Hell !”  Well, that is true to some context. IF you have read our previous articles, you know that the Nether has a certain place in our hearts. So today, we are going to show you a few Custom Nether Portal Designs. You can use these to level up your base.

What is a Nether Portal?

Tips and Tricks to Survive in The Nether

The Nether portal is a Frame made out of Obsidians. And what this frame does? Well, it teleports or Transports you. Where, if you are wondering that? So, it transports you to the Nether.

We know that you don’t want to go there unless it is very important. But as the Nether is important, so is the Nether Portal. So these Custom Nether Portal Designs will surely amaze you and your friends.

#5- Custom Nether Portal Designs:

Custom Nether Portal Designs
Medival Nether Portal

This design that we are going to show is the easiest one. Someone can easily build this one with little effort. This design is the Medival Gateway Design”. This design consists of the simple blocks placed around the Nether Portal and shaped into a Gateway. And to give it a Medival look, use Stone Bricks and OakWood.

#4- Custom Nether Portal Designs-

Another easy design that you can use is the “Round Nether Portal”. Just like the gateway design, this is a simple one. However, this one is more aesthetic. If you are going to the vintage portal design, then this one will be perfect for you.

Just simply make a rectangular frame and then cover it up with a Round design. To the viewers, it will look like a round portal. You can also add a different floor to make it look cooler.

#3- Custom Nether Portal Designs:-

The next one is the “Cave Nether Portal”. This design has recently gained popularity. The main attraction of this design is that you can make this anywhere. Like a cave in a mountain to your own designed cave. The possibilities are endless. This design has that retro, that mystical look to it.

#2: Portal Designs-

One of the other Custom Nether Portal Designs is the “Pyramid Design”. The cool part of this design is. That is doesn’t have to be a pyramid at all. Moreover, you can make it in a building too. But we would suggest that a Pyramid will be a more suitable choice.

#1:- Dual World Sword Design:-

Custom Nether Portal Designs
Credits:- Youtube

This is the most popular design in the MInecraft Community. Imagine a Sword that is passing through the overworld to the Nether. How cool would it be? But this design is really hard to pull off. And the most tricky part is to build the rest of the part in the Nether.

However, there are more designs than described here. Keep experimenting and maybe someday you get the coolest design of all time. Who Knows?

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