Black Widow Fortnite Skin November 2021: Free Method to Get it

In this post we are going to tell you about the Black Widow Fortnite Skin November 2021: Free Method to Get it. This article is stepwise which will help you to understand easily.

Black Widow Fortnite Skin November 2021: Free Method to Get it
Black Widow Fortnite Skin (Source: Epic Games)

Black Widow Fortnite Skin November 2021: Fortnite makes its incredible mark in Battleroyale games. Due to which the Fortnite team keeps on bringing in-game events, cosmetics, skin, and other updates to their Fortnite lovers. So, in this article we are going to tell you about a new Black Widow Fortnite Skin November 2021: Free Method to Get it. Which is due to take place on November 11 at the Black Widow (Duos) Cup.

About Black Widow Fortnite Skin –

In Fortnite for this week’s, a modern Marvel superhero arises from the shadows of the Marvel Knockout Super Series in no period. Natasha Romanoff’s strict training, the Black Widow Cup will test the abilities you learn from Daredevil and the Ghost Ryder Cup.

On 11 November, take part in the competition at the Black Widow Cup this Wednesday with your Duos partner.

In Black Widow Cup, collect enough wins together and you’ll have a chance to earn new Black Widow Snow Suit outfits and back bling before you even head to the item shop.

How To Get Free Black Widow Fortnite Skin –

Grab a Sidekick and Compete in the Black Widow Cup This Wednesday, on 11th November 2021. Which has Marvel Knockout  Duos. The start time set by the server region is as follows:

  • OCE 2:00:00 AM ET
  • ASIA 4:00:00 AM ET
  • I 9:00:00 AM ET
  • EU 12:00:00 PM ET
  • BR 4:00:00 PM ET
  • NAE 6:00:00 PM ET
  • NAW 9:00:00 PM ET

Try the Competition tab in the tournament lobby. After the event starts, the playlist of the event will be available in the playlist menu. Locate the Black Widow Cup and find out the local starting time for your area.

Overall to get the new Black Widow skin in your Snow Suit outfit version in Fortnite for free, it’s necessary to participate in this Black Widow Cup

Remember: You must reach account level 30 to participate as well as set up 2-factor authentication.

For more: Black Widow Cup Official Rules

Fortnite The Marvel Super Series Continues:

Marvel Super Series begins again next week which run in the ultimate two Marvel Super Series events in November:

  • Mystery Marvel Hero/Villain Cup – 18th November
  • $1 Million Super Cup – 21st November

What Is Marvel Knockout In Fortnite?

Marvel Knockout watches your squad harnessing super-powers to fulfill the best team in the tournament frame. Every round will provide your squad with various sets of powers to compete against oppositions with mirrored skills!

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