New Weapon Royale In Free Fire November 2021: M60 New Skin Details

Free Fire New weapon Royale
Free Fire New weapon Royale

Free Fire developers keep on introducing new dress bundles and gun skins frequently. Also, gun skins in Free Fire are added exclusively in new events. Based on demand from players, Free Fire returns the gun skins in Weapon Royale or in the Incubator store.

An all-new M60- Viper Gangster gun skin has been added inย  Free Fire Weapon Royale. This weapon has been added on 5 November 2021. This gun skin will be available in Weapon Royale for 29 days from 5 November.

This is a new legendary M60 gun skin. It means players can show off this skin in the game lobby. Also, like other gun skins, it would also come with special attributes. So, the gun will get extra powers in comparison to a normal M60.

Free Fire November 2021 New Weapon Royale:

After the Parafal weapon royale, the new weapon royaleย of M60 has been added in Free Fire. The attributes of the M60-Viper Gangster are as follow:

Damage(++), Range(+), Reload Speed(-)

Besides, Players have a good chance to avail this legendary skin of M60-Viper Gangster. This gun skin has a classic look with the Viper designed on it. Players can also check Free Fire gun stats here.

How To Unlock Gun Skin From Weapon Royale?

Weapon royale is completely a luck-based royale. Besides, Players have to spin in weapon royale by spending diamonds or weapon royale vouchers. Players can check their luck rate at the bottom left corner in weapon royale.

One spin in weapon royale costs 40 diamonds, and 10+1(11) spins cost 400 diamonds. Moreover, there is no estimated number of spins to get the gun skin in weapon royale. But, when the player’s luck rate reaches 100, players can get the gun skin directly.

Also, players can collect weapon royale vouchers by completing in-game events. With weapon royale vouchers, players can spin in weapon royale for free.

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