How To Get Free Fire Joker Bundle(Night Clown Bundle) For Free?

Free Fire Joker Bundle(Night Clown Bundle)
Free Fire Joker Bundle(Night Clown Bundle)

Fire Joker Bundle(Night Clown Bundle Free Fire): Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royal games. This game features a lot of in-game items including gun skins, bundles, vehicle skins, and much more stuff. Free Fire developers keep on adding new items to the game, to make it more interesting. It makes the game more colorful and enjoyable for Free Fire players.

Most of the Free Fire bundles are exclusive, which means they are only available for a certain time limit at a certain event. One such bundle is the Joker Bundle(Night Clown Bundle). This bundle was added 3 years ago in Free Fire Diamond Royale.

Due to the amazing look of the Joker bundle(Night Clown Bundle Free Fire), it became one of the most demanded bundles in Free Fire. Due to great demands from players, Free Fire added this bundle in-game.

How To Get  Free Fire Joker Bundle For Free?

Moreover, now the Joker bundle(Night Clown Bundle) is now available in the Magic cube store. But, to redeem any bundle from the Magic cube store, players need to exchange it with one magic cube. Besides, Free Fire keeps on adding Free Magic cube events, so players can avail bundles easily.

On 4th November, the Free Magic cube event is been scheduled in Free Fire on account of Diwali. Players have to complete some simple tasks to earn Magic cube. This event will be open only on 4th November.

On the event day, players will get 10 Magic cube fragments per match. Players can collect 100 Magic cube fragments and exchange one Magic cube with it. So, players can earn Magic cube by simply playing 10 matches on 4th November.

How To Redeem Free Fire Joker Bundle From Magic Cube Store?

In the store section in Free Fire, players can find the Magic cube store. There, players have to exchange 100 Magic cube fragments to get a Magic cube.

Also, players can find different bundles available in the store. Select the Joker bundle(Night Clown Bundle) there and redeem it. Players can see and equip the redeemed bundle in the vault section.

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