Free Fire Diwali Special Event 2021: 100% Bonus Top Up Event for Indians

Free Fire Diwali Special Event 2021
Free Fire Diwali Special Event
Free Fire Diwali Special Event 2021 and Free Fire Top Up Bonus Event: As you know, currently the Diwali celebrations are going on in Free Fire. Moreover, they are releasing new Free Fire Diwali Special events in celebration of Diwali. Today they released a new event called 100% Bonus Top Up which is great for all players in Free Fire.
Well, Today in this blog post you will read about the new event in Free Fire and how to get the most out of it. Especially, if you are a Free 2 Play player and want to invest in the game. Furthermore, it is a great time to invest your real money and get almost double the rewards from it. So, without further ado let’s learn about this new amazing ongoing event…

What is a Free Fire Diwali Special Event 2021?

Β It is an event that is going to start with the Free Fire game in the celebration of the Diwali Festival. Moreover, it is only available in the Indian region or nearby player base. So, this event will allow you to get the true value of your money. In other words, players who invest during this event will get the highest return value of all time.
Furthermore, this event is going to start on November 5, 2021, and will end on November 11, 2021. In other words, you get 7 or a week to get benefits from the Free Fire Special Event.

How to Top Up in Free Fire and Get 100% Bonus?

Free Fire Diwali Special Event
Image: Free Fire Character
Here is a list that gives you a rough estimate of the number of diamonds you will get on Top Up.
  1. 100 Diamonds will give you an extra 100 Diamonds in Free Fire.
  2. 300 Diamonds will give you an extra 200 Diamonds in Free Fire.
  3. 500 Diamonds will give you an extra 300 Diamonds in Free Fire.
  4. 1000 Diamonds will give you an extra 500 Diamonds in Free Fire.
Furthermore, to get a 100% Top Up Bonus you need to click on the diamond icon on your Home Screen. Then it will give you a variety of options to Top Up and get a 100% Bonus on each of them.

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