Valorant Update Today Delayed: How To Fix Error VAL 39

Know why Valorant says Error Van 39 after the update, and why is the update delayed.

Valorant Update Today Delayed
Riot Client during the maintenance

Valorant Update Today Delayed: Most of the Valorant players were expecting maintenance of around 4-5 hours and were eagerly waiting to dive into the new updated version. Moreover, the Valorant update 3.09 is still in the maintenance period and is getting delayed. And, why does the error Val 39 is popped up on the screen?

Know when the update will be finished and why is it getting delayed.

Valorant Update Today Delayed: Everything You Need To Know

Valorant Update Today Delayed
Know when will the new battle pass release

Riot’s Valorant went into maintenance after disabling its competitive queue since 8:00 PM IST. Furthermore, the game completely went into maintenance and was not available to log in from 02:00 AM. As of now, when you enter your credentials into Riot Client to open the game, it says error Val 39.

The game was expected to be available from 05:30 AM on 3rd November. However, when you open the game, it says ‘We require a longer downtime’. As a result of this statement, the developers have expected that Valorant will be unavailable until 23:00 PDT today for the update. Meaning, for Indian players, the game will be available after 11:30 AM.

This is not usual from Riot. Moreover, the developers are taking 5-6 hours extra for the maintenance. Previously, they use to roll up the update before 06:00 AM for the Indian players.

Tweeting about the issue, Valorant came up with two statements and said they are fixing a few things. The latest tweet said ‘We’re fixing a bug that’s preventing non-integer adjustments to the sliders in settings’ which was made around 05:30 AM.

What Is Error Val 39?

Valorant Error Val 39
Error 39

The error is caused due to the Valorant update which is still in maintenance today. Furthermore, the game client fails to connect to the servers of the game as it is in maintenance.

So, once the game will be back, players will be able to dive into the game and test the new updates.

What’s New?

Valorant Radiant Crisis 001
New Bundle in Valorant

Valorant update will introduce a new battle pass today which will begin Act 3 of Episode 3. However, the new agent Chamber is delayed and will be available in the upcoming weeks.

A new bundle of skin will be available named Radiant Crisis 001. The game will be available from 11:00 AM IST for Indian players.

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