How to Unlock the Cube Queen Challenges in Fortnite?

Cube queen challenges Fortnite
Cube queen challenges Fortnite

As you guys know that Cube Queen Challenges or Quests in Fortnite are live. Its description states Kneel Before Your Queen. So we have two separate pages for challenges. On completing page one challenges players will get five rewards in total.

Then you will unlock page two challenges from which you will get another five rewards. But in order to unlock the Cube Queen herself, players need to do page one challenges. Players are first required to complete page one challenges. After that their second-page challenges will get open automatically.

Cube Queen Quests Fortnite: Details

Here are the challenges which players need to complete under Page one:

  • Surviving 5 storm phases while carrying Sideways weapon will reward players with Cube Queen skin.
  • Eliminating one player with the Sideways Minigun will reward players with Last Cube Standing.
  • Shaking down opponents two times as result players will be rewarded the Queen’s Court loading screen.
  • Using shadow stone or flopper to phase for three seconds near an enemy will reward players with the Last Reality Matrix.
  • Completing all the Cube Queen Challenges on Page one will reward players with the Last Reality Matrix Obliterator.

So these are not many difficult challenges because here we don’t have to fight a boss or we don’t have to scramble to open chests in a severely compacted area. This should be pretty easy for players to complete these challenges.

How to Quickly Complete These Quests?

cube queen quests Fortnite

Players can complete these challenges in Team Rumble mode easily. The challenge which actually unlocks the Cube Queen Skin is to survive five storm circles while carrying a sideways weapon. So players need to find a sideways weapon for which they clearly need to go sideways.

It will be great if players find a minigun as a sideways weapon because it will help you complete two challenges at the same time because one of the challenges asks players to eliminate one player using a sideways minigun.

Shaking down opponents’ challenges requires you to knock down someone which is only possible in Duo, Trios, or Squad mode. For the shadow stone challenge, players can find that at the Alien crash site.

How to Unlock The Cube Queen in Fortnite:

If you are fascinated by the Cube Queen Skin and you want to have that skin then you must have Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass. If you don’t have a battle pass then you will not able to participate in these challenges. So it is a must requirement if you want this skin then you have to fulfill this requirement.

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