Valorant New Battlepass Act 3 Episode 3: Skins And Release Date

Here are all the details about what's coming next in Valorant.

Valorant New Battlepass
Know when will the new battle pass release

Valorant New Battlepass: Riot’s Valornant will be under maintenance tonight, meaning a new update will be rolled out the next morning. The end of Act 2 and its battle pass of Episode 3 will bring Act 3 which is going to be the final act of this episode.

So, here are all the details about the upcoming battle pass and skins.

Everything You Need To Know About Valorant New Battle pass Act 3 Episode 3

Genesis skins in Valorant

The Battle pass of Act 2 of Episode 3 is going to end on 2nd November. Moreover, the game will be under maintenance until 5:00 AM IST. There will be several new things that the new ACT will bring up. Also, can we expect the arrival of the new agent Chamber in this Act? Let’s know more.

As usual, the new Act will bring up a new battle pass with level 50. Players need to upgrade their battle pass in order to claim the skins and other rewards like Gun buddies. However, players with no battle pass can also claim rewards like Radianite points and a few player cards.

The battle pass of Act 2 of Episode 3 was one of the best in Valorant as most of the players bought it. Moreover, the upcoming battle pass will bring many gun skins, gun buddies, and player cards too. So, let’s have a look at the skins.

Gun Skins 

This time Riot has replaced a Phantom skin with the Vandal skin. Alike usual acts, there will be three types of gun skins in the game. One is named Goldwing, another one is Genesis and the third one is Aero. The Goldwing skins are black in color with a golden design on them. Both these skins look similar, but the purple effect makes Genesis different.

Aero is completely different as the gun skins are white and red in color. Furthermore, Phantom will be available in Aero color, whereas the Knife is Genesis and is unique this time.

The Aero skins are not upgradable but will be available in three or four different colors. Let’s have a look at the skins which will be launched in the new Valorant battle pass of Act 3 of Episode 3:

  • Bulldog: Genesis
  • Bucky: Genesis
  • Melee: Genesis
  • Operator: Genesis
  • Shorty: Genesis
  • Phantom: Aero
  • Frenzy: Aero
  • Guardian: Aero
  • Spectre: Aero
  • Judge: Goldwing
  • Classic: Goldwing
  • Ghost: Goldwing
  • Ares: Goldwing

Price And Release Date

The new battlepass of Valorant will be released on 3rd November. Players will be able to buy the Act 3 Episode 3 battle pass after updating the game.

In order to claim these skins, players need to spend 1000 VP to upgrade their battle pass. The battle pass will last for 50 days.

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