Mummy, Graven and Containment Specialist in Fortnite

Mummy, Graven and Containment Specialist Fortnite
Mummy, Graven and Containment Specialist Fortnite

In the Fortnite Battle Royale, Halloween challenges and quests are going on. One of the quests is related to Mummy, Graven and Containment Specialist in Fortnite. Unfortunately, this quest is going to end tonight i.e 2nd November 2021 and the problem is that players are not able to complete this challenge because of a Fortnite bug.

About Fortnite Containment Specialist Quests:

This Containment Specialist character is a new NPC from Ghostbuster. Fortnite has collaborated with Ghostbuster for these amazing quests on the occasion of the release of Ghostbusters Afterlife. This is going to release on 18th November 2021. It is a character from the Ghostbusters franchise.

Players can find this character at Camp Cod in Fortnite which is the Southernmost location on the map. To be more specific players can find this island in the south of Catty Corner and in the southeast of Misty Meadows on the Fortnite map.

After completing the quests players will be awarded No Ghost Back Bling along with free rewards. This is the second time Fortnite and Ghostbuster collaborating with each other.

Fortnite gives many opportunities to the players to earn many free rewards just by completing a few quests or challenges. This Containment Specialist quest is going to end tonight.

Mummy, Graven and Containment Missing:

The containment Specialist is not there at its location and today 2nd November 2021 was the last date to complete this quest but due to some error or bug players are not able to complete this challenge.

Players are reporting that they are not able to locate the Containment Specialist on its location which is at Camp Cod. So the problem is the character is missing from its location but this should be done only after the end of this event only.

It seems that Fortnite has removed the character prematurely by some mistake. It is happening the first time that Fortnite has done such type of mistake. Many players have already reported this bug in the game.

Many players are disappointed with this act because they are not able to complete the quest and want Fortnite to extend the time limit of this questline a little bit more. Though Fortnite has replied to this bug stating that they are looking into the matter and will provide an update once they have more information.

We hope Fortnite will come with a great solution to this problem that satisfies the expectations of all players.

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