Top 5 Best Bundle in Free Fire in Diwali November 2021

Top 5 Best Bundle in Free Fire in November 2021

Best Bundle in Free Fire in 2021: The Diwali festival event is running in Free Fire right now and has an opportunity to grab some free rewards. One of the best rewards is Magic Cube Bundle which is quite valuable in the game. Bundles are collections of all body clothing in a specific theme. For example, on the Joker theme bundle, you will get everything related to Joker (like mask, shoes, bag, jacket, and more)

Furthermore, in Diwali 2021 on 4th November is going to give a Free Magic Cube Bundle to all of their players who log in that day. Well, Today in this blog post we will help you to choose your Bundle in Free Fire.

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Top 5 Best Bundle in Free Fire

  1. Night Clown Bundle

The first Bundle on the list is the Night Clown bundle and one of the most popular among Free Fire players. It contains a total of four things in the box which include Head(also mask), Top, Pant, and Shoes. On the other hand, it has become quite old now because it was first released in 2018.

  1. Hunter Bunny Bundle

The next most popular and Best Bundle among Free Fire fans is the Hunter Bunny Bundle. Furthermore, it is more like a Girly outfit so it would be good for someone who has a Girl character. This bundle is also a year old because it was released in April 2020. This Bundle has a total of 5 things in the whole set.

  1. Bandit Bundle

The Bandit Bundle is one of the most popular in-game items of the Free Fire game. Moreover, it is best for those players who love β€œAll Black” outfits. On the other hand, Bandit Bundle comes with a funny but interesting Quote β€œDeath will not be able to catch you if you run faster.” It comes with 4 pieces in the bundle and each of them is premium.

  1. Venom Touch Bundle

Venom Touch Bundle is one of the most Vicious and Best bundle on the Free Fire list with 4 different pieces. You will get a combination of a mask, top, bottom, and shoes. Everything is Green-Black with a deadly look. Venom Touch Bundle is also for a long time in the game; it was first released in June 2019.

  1. Violet Flame

Now comes one of the best and most beautiful Bundles in the Free Fire. Violet Flame is a girl outfit like Hunter Bunny Bundle (mentioned above). This bundle also consists of 4 different pieces which include Mask, Top, Bottom, and Shoes.

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