Will Fortnite Chapter 2 End in Season 8? Complete Guide

Fortnite chapter 2 end
Fortnite chapter 2 end

Data Miners have discovered that Black Hole is returning back to Fortnite to swallow the map in Chapter 2 to introduce new Chapter 3. Maybe this is the Fortnite Chapter 2 End in Season 8.

In the same way back in October 2019, Season 10 was ended. Players were seeing the Black Hole screen for 2 days. After that, they landed in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1.

Is Fortnite Chapter 2 Ending in Season 8?

Hypex, a trusted data miner, revealed that the Blackhole has been updated again on 26 October 2021. Fortnite added back the hotfix that makes the game load you directly into the Blackhole.

All these hints are pointing towards the end of Chapter 2 and the start of the new Fortnite Chapter 3. Although there is no official information available at present time from the Epic side.

Hints For New Chapter 3:

Fortnite chapter 2 end
Fortnite chapter 2 end

CubeΒ Queen’s anthem itself hints towards the ending of Chapter 2. It contains one line saying-“Now that you have seen my return and witnessed this reality burn.” It means reality will be destroyed i.e Chapter 2.

Cube Queen’s Pickaxe describes-β€œThis staff has ended countless realities. Soon, the Island will join them.” The final showdown between the foundation and Cube Queen is going to happen in the upcoming weeks.

No matter who wins but it will be the end of Chapter 2 as we know till now from the leaks. The Blackhole is expected to return in December to conclude Chapter 2.

Probably players were thinking that Chapter 3 is 2 seasons away but it seems like it might not be true because there are such huge changes from epic games.

Cube Queen Back Bling says that time is running out for you. Its loading screen says nothing shall remain. Everything is pointing towards the end of chapter 2.

Also, a new page-turner emote which is released in Fortnite this season only describes that just a second, I’m almost at the end of the Chapter.

Though there is no guarantee that Season 8 will mark the end of Chapter 2 because everything which is concluded till now is from unofficial sources and leaks from data miners. But chances of Fortnite Chapter 2 end in this season are very high.

Every player is excited to see what will happen. Let’s hope for the best. Everything will be clear after a few weeks.

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