PUBG Mobile Power4 Band: Return of Power4 with POWER ANGER

PUBG Mobile Power4 Band: Return of Power4 with POWER ANGER
PUBG Mobile Power4 Band: Return of Power4 with POWER ANGER

Pubg Mobile Power4 Band Return with their Official POWER ANGER video this November. Game developers always come with old but popular events and features. This time PUBG Mobile again came with their a year old collaborators – The Power4 Band. Moreover, today the game has reloaded a new video of Power4 Band which is known as POWER ANGER on Twitter. You can watch the video below, at the end of this blog post.

As I said earlier, it is not new but a year-old collaboration with PUBG Mobile in 2020. Well, Today in this blog post you will learn about their collaboration, upcoming events, and more about Power4 Band.

About Power4 Band in PUBG Mobile:

PUBG Mobile is going to re collaborate with Power4 Band in upcoming days and new events. Moreover, this new event will also contain a New Game Mode with “Anger Power Mode”. Along with this new game mode players also will get a chance to obtain Character Skins in PUBG Mobile. On the other hand, these things are only available during the event and you have to complete the challenges to obtaining these skins.

The four fantastic skins are Following: 

  1. The singer: Flame Lord
  2. The guitarist: Grave Lord
  3. The drummer: Spike Demon
  4. The bassist: Wraith Lord

This event is all about showing you anger while playing this mode in PUBG Mobile. How you will do that, I mean show your anger? Players need to damage the game mode and the opponent player and who will do the maximum damage will win.

PUBG Mobile tells from their Twitter account about their upcoming collaboration and showing their new video. Well, the POWER OF ANGER is officially released by PUBG Mobile but there is not any date or time for collaboration. Moreover, there are already many game modes running in celebration of the Halloween Festival.


I hope you like this blog post about Power4 Band and their new official video on YouTube. Last time they came to the same Halloween festival with Anger Power mode in PUBG Mobile. Moreover, players are quite happy about this upcoming event of Power4 Band. On the other hand, let me know in the comment section about your view about this upcoming new event? Also, Stay tuned to our website for more updates and game-related news!

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