Pokemon Go Spooky Pokemon : 5th Anniversary Halloween Event

In this post I'm going to tell you about the Pokemon Go Spooky Pokemon : 5th Anniversary Halloween Event. A stepwise and easy guide to help you.

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Halloween Pokemon (Source: POKÉMON Go)

Pokemon Go Halloween Event: Pokemon Go is completely based on the Pokemon series. The Pokemon Go Halloween 2021 event which was going on for a long time, is now mostly ending phase. So, in this article, I’m going to tell you about Pokemon Go Spooky Pokemon: 5th Anniversary Halloween Event.

Pokemon Go: Halloween Event:

Pokemon Go is a unique game with its concept. In the Pokemon Go Halloween event, they will show exploration into Ghost-type Pokemon. In this,  the users will get exclusive bonuses and Pokemon during in Halloween event period and his event period is 15th October to 31st October. This is over but the Pokemon Go company is releasing an event in a few days. That Event is related to Halloween Pokemon. So this is very important to know about Spooky Pokemon: 5th Anniversary Halloween Event.

The Halloween period means spooky Pokemons. This Halloween Event is completely decided into two parts:

Part 1Creepy Companies

15 October to 22 October

Part 2Ghoulish Pals

22 October to 31 October

Spooky Halloween Event –

Generally, this game is made for children but everyone can play it. It is nice but not all Pokémon in Pokemon Go is cute and good. In Pokemon Go Halloween, every generation since the Creepy Companies (Part 1) game has revealed some spooky Pokemon and scary things. Where ghost-type Pokémon run alone and humans haunt ghost mansions,  office buildings, etc in the world. Then, You’ll need a sylph scope to recognise just how horrifying a Pokémon Go game can be.

Halloween Event: Few Spooky Pokemon –

  • Gengar – Gengar is a Completely ghost Pokemon. It is a very dangerous and scary Pokemon. It attacks the mind and heart of the people and it looks like a monster. For this people called him also, Pocket Monster.
  • Froslass – In the first look, Froslass doesn’t seem spooky but it is based on the old Japanese ghost legend of Yuki-onna.
  • Drowzee – This Pokemon is also based in Japan. One of the myths about it is that it takes consumes people’s dreams.
  • Parasect – Parasect deserves a place on our spooky Pokemon because it’s instantly based on a horridness that occurs in real life.
  • Mawile – This Spooky Pokemon is also from Japanese folklore like many other Pokémon.

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