All New Sigma Crate in COD Mobile: Check Details And Rewards

Head on to this article for the complete details about the all new Sigma Crate in COD Mobile!

COD Mobile Season 9
COD Mobile Season 9

All New Sigma Crate in COD Mobile: Recently, an all new crate naming Sigma Crate had lanched in COD Mobile season 9, and that features multiple geometries, cogged and various other skins and camos.

Head on to this article for the complete details regarding the brand new Sigma Crate and the rewards in it.

The Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Nightmare is already live and it is based on the Halloween theme in the game. As the Halloween festive season had approached, the developers initiated the same atmosphere in the game too.

Moreover, as every season brings a couple of new updates in the game, season 9 also featured a variety of new additions being made to the game.

Those additions include new maps, new weapons, new modes, new camos and skins and loaded with events and crates.

As a result, an all new Sigma Crate had launched certainly in COD Mobile and it offers multiple rewards and items. Therefore, here are the complete details about the brand new crate in COD Mobile.

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Here are the Details about Sigma Crate in COD Mobile:

Sigma Crate COD Mobile
Sigma Crate COD Mobile

The Sigma Crate draw is already live in COD Mobile and it will remain live for the next 21 days. So, players can keep their hands on this crate that features a variety of geometry camos, Cogged Skins and more items for the next 3 weeks.

Therefore, here is the list of all the items that players can get from the Sigma Crate.

  • Minotaur – Beach Day Character skin
  • ICR 1 – Geometry Skin
  • Pharo – Geometry Skin
  • DR – H – Geometry Skin
  • DL QQ3 – Geometry Skin
  • .50 GS – Phase Skin
  • Ubersprengen Charm
  • Parachute – Phage
  • Wingsuit – Phage
  • Gnasher Calling Card
  • NA 45 – Cogged Skin
  • Renetti – Cogged Skin
  • Wrench – Cogged Skin
  • Cluster Grenade – Cogged Skin
  • What a shock emote
  • Boat – Cogged Skin
  • Inner Demons sticker
  • Horrifying spray
  • Cracked Earth
  • Minotaur
  • Peacekeeper MK2 – Worn Fabric
  • LK24 – Worn Fabric
  • KRM 262 – Worn Fabric
  • MW11 – Worn Fabric
  • Knife – Worn Fabric
  • Smoke Grenade – Worn Fabric
  • Gas Grenade – Worn Fabric
  • EMP – Worn Fabric
  • Backpack 1 – Worn Fabric
  • Parachute – Worn Fabric
  • Wingsuit – Worn Fabric
  • Ninja – Worn Fabric
  • Defender – Worn Fabric

Therefore, players can avail these many items from the Sigma Crate by purchasing them by spending the in game Credits Points in CODM.

That’s all about the all new Sigma Crate in Call of Duty Mobile!

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