Fortnite China Finally Coming to an End: Here is Why

Fortnite China
Fortnite China End

Recently Fortnite China made an announcement that the Fortress night (Fortnite) test is over. After 1st November no one in China will be able to download or create a new account. This is the Fortnite China End.

Cosmetics and Skins in Fortnite Chinese Version:

Fortnite China
Fortnite China

As its name suggests it is the Chinese version of Fortnite especially made for the players who live in China. It also contains both the modes Battle Royale and Saves the World like in Fortnite.

Fortress night (the Chinese version of Fortnite) has many differences as compared to the normal version of Fortnite. This game is customised according to Chinese laws. In this game use of the skull is illegal according to chinese laws so all the skins or cosmetics containing skulls were edited accordingly.

Outfits like Mystique’s Skull was changed to a sphere and outfits like Skull Trooper does not exist in Fortress night.

Gameplay Changes:

Fortnite China
Fortnite China

The key difference between both the game is that it is quite easier to win the match in the Fortnite China version. To win in this game players are required to have a high number of eliminations.

In this game, one match ends after 20 minutes and all the players which are remaining or survived will be awarded as Victory Royale on their Career results. This version does not contain Arena Modes or  Limited Time Modes.

In this version, players have separate health bars for storms known as Storm Health. So when players are in the storm this bar will get low and only get full or recharged back when players manage to get outside the storm.

After playing for 90 minutes players are prompted to go to study. Moreover, if they continue playing they will not be rewarded with any extra XP. Also they will not able to complete any challenge after that time limit.

Fortnite China End:

It is possible that Fortress night is closing due to low popularity in the country. Another reason for the same may be the strict Chinese laws for games. Transactions in the game in China is considered gambling and are prohibited. This is the reason that Battle Pass is free in this version.

Kids under 18 in China are allowed to play games only for 90 minutes per day on weekdays. The rules are more strict after new rules which restricts minor to play more than 3 hours a week.

So, these were some of the reasons due to which this Fortress night is getting ended in the upcoming days.

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