Pokemon Unite Download: APK and OBB files for Android


Pokemon Unite Download on Android: Pokemon Unite was originally launched on Nintendo Switch devices, not for android devices. But in September they released the game for all mobile devices with the same mechanics and features. Well, some of you might not be able to download from Play Store or other app stores then this blog post is going to be helpful for you.

Because today in this blog post you will learn about getting Pokemon Unite on your android device without using any app store. So, without further ado let’s startโ€ฆ

How to Get Pokemon Unite on Android devices?

For a quick intro, Pokemon Unite is a 5v5 MOBA game (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) for almost all platforms except PCs. On the other hand, to play the Pokemon Unite game you need either Nintendo Switch or Mobile Phone. Moreover, in this blog post, you will learn to install Pokemon Unite on android devices.

Well, follow the process given below to download Pokemon Unite. Moreover, it is a manual method so if something went wrong just repeat the process.

Download Important Files:

First, You need to download the important files to begin the process. On the other hand, there are only two files to download and after completing it follow the steps. These are the downloading links of the files (donโ€™t worry they are direct links). A total of 200 MB of internet needs to download these files on your device.

Step by Step Process to Download the Pokemon Unite:ย 

Featured Image: How to Get Zeraora in Pokemon Unite for Free
How to Get Zereora for Free

Step-1: First thing first, if you have not to download the two files yet then go and download. If you have already downloaded those files then move to the next step.

Step-2: Second, you need to install Pokemon Unite APK on your device. Important Note: Donโ€™t open it yet wait until all steps are complete. Moreover, You also need to enable some permission to complete this step. Just allow permissions related to the Safety of your device. and move to the next step to download the Pokemon Unite.

Step-3: In the third step you need to paste your OBB file into your android section. Just follow this path and paste your file: Android > OBB > com. Tencent. baiting.

Step-4: Finally, You can start playing Pokemon Unite on your android device.

I hope you like this post about downloading Pokemon Unite on your device. Well, you can read more posts related to Pokemon Unite on our website. Moreover, Let me know in the comment section about your view on this post.

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