New El Chapulin Colorado Fortnite Skin and Emote


New El Chapulin Colorado Fortnite Skin and Emote: With the start of Halloween, a lot of different skins are coming out and astonishingly we’re also going to see El Chapulin Colorado very soon. Fortnite, collaborate with different companies to increase their reach and become more popular. On the other hand, it’s also great for players. Because they will get new features, in-game items, and also tons of rewards.

Well, today in this blog post you will read about collaboration. And it is between El Colorado and Fortnite in the upcoming days of November. Players also get some new in-game items like Skin and Emotes. So, without further ado let’s dive into the post to get new items.

What is El Chapulin Colorado and Fortnite Collaboration? 

As I said earlier, the Fortnite game is going to be collaborative in Season 8 of Chapter 2. On the other hand, who is El Chapulin in the first place and what will you get with this collaboration?

The first thing is, The El Chapulin Colorado is a SuperHero character. And of a Mexican TV show (it is a parody show). Moreover, this show started in the 1970s and it’s quite old when compared to other shows. On the other hand, Fortnite is going to collaborate with Chapulin Colorado TV show. And is going to launch new items as I said earlier.

The most interesting thing is it’s quite an old show and players are not comfortable with this. In other words, there are many other popular companies and shows available then why do they choose this? Well, it is unknown.

Release Date of Event and New In-game Items: 

The collaboration is going to happen in November 2021 at the start of Season 8 Chapter 2. To be exact, on 1st November 2021 El Chapulin Colorado in-game items are going to be release in Fortnite.

The biggest item for players in this collaboration is the SuperHero Kit of Mexican Superhero. Moreover, the best thing about this skin is you can use it on almost all characters of Fortnite. Also, it gives you a high customization option regarding this skin.

The next item is “¡Que no panda el cúnico!” Emote in Fortinie. We still don’t know what it means but you will soon know about these things on November 1, 2021. But, it is not the end of the items going to show in this Chapulin Colorado Fortnite of the game.

Moreover, players can assume that there more collaboration like this going to happen in future. With a lot of exciting events, rewards, and in-game items.

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