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Read our following guide to find out Pokemon Unite Season 1 Greedent Pokemon Build And Moveset. A stepwise and easy guide to help you.

Greedent Pokemon Build
Greed Pokemon (Source: POKÉMON UNITE)

Greedent Pokémon Build And Moveset: At this time, Pokémon Unite became a fan favourite’s Game for everyone. Due to this, some time ago company (The Pokémon Company) launched a new Pokémon character on Halloween Days called Greedent. In this article, I’m telling you about Greedent Pokemon Build.

About Greedent Pokémon:

The Greedent is available in Pokemon Unite Shop but you can get free this Pokemon by joining in the limited-time Halloween Event which is going on from 20 October to 7 November in Game. This is special Pokémon of Halloween Event.

Greedent Pokemon Unite is not only a Defender but also a Melee and Attacker Pokémon. It had incredible power with its funniest teeth but it phases a few difficulties on the expert tier.

Greedent Build And Moveset:

Greedent Pokemon Build and Moveset are-

Basic Attack- Greedent Pokemon unite, Like every Pokemon’s it becomes a boosted attack with every third attack. His basic attack deals boosted damage when it hits and impacts one Berry to fall from the user’s tail.

Cheek Pouch- Cheek Pouch is an ability of Greedent. When the Greedent Pokemon unite consumes a Berry, It regains HP after obtaining the unique impacts of the Berry. At the same time, Greedent stealthily accumulates other Berry in its tail, and existing hit by a single attack or mixture of attacks will result in a Berry to drop from the Pokémon’s tail.


Greedent Pokemon unite has the player leap to the designated area. It contracts damage against Pokémon in the area of impact and also reduces their activity speed for a short time.

Greedent Pokémon (Source: Pokemon Unite)

If the Greedent Pokemon unite has any Berry stashed in its tail at this same time and it consumes all of them. The additional Berries the Greedent had accumulated off, the more this moves cooldown is reduced. But it is in two Movesets. Upon upgrading level 7, you can select only one of the following two Moveset-

Moveset 1: Bullet Speed

Moveset 2: Belch

In Tackle Movesets, I’m mostly using Blech attack more than Bullet Speed. Because it deals harm against Pokémon in the area of impact and reduces their activity momentum for a short time. But if the Greedent Pokemon unite has any Berries accumulated in its tail at this period, it eats all of them.

Defense Curl:

Defense curl grants the Greedent Pokemon unite a shield for a short time. In part, a Berry will drop in front of the user. It also has two Movesets. Upon reaching level 5, you can any one of the following two Moveset-

Moveset 1: Stuff Cheeks

Moveset 2: Covert

I’m mostly using Stuff Asks against Covert in Defense Curl. Stuff Cheeks has the player drop several Berries which can be eaten to recover HP. Any HP regained that exceeds the user’s max HP will be restored to a defence effect. If the user catches sight of a Berry while utilizing this move, its activity speed is boosted for a short period.

Upgrade: Its upgrade increases the number of Berries the Greedent drops from its tail.

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