Fortnite Naruto Skin Coming: Confirmed in November

Fortnite Naruto Skin
Fortnite Naruto Skin

In the last season, there were several Fortnite leak news about the Fortnite x Naruto crossover. Fortnite Naruto Skin was expected to be added to the game in the season 8 battle pass. However, Naruto’s skin was not found anywhere in the battle pass of season 8.

It was also revealed that Epic Games has successfully obtained the rights to Naruto and is now working on implementing the character into an upcoming Battle Pass.

Players are eagerly waiting for this collaboration to happen so that they can enjoy the new Naruto skin in the game.

Who is Naruto?

Naruto’s full name is Naruto Uzumaki.Β Naruto is a Japanese manga series that was written by Masashi Kishimoto. This story revolves around Naruto as its name suggests.

The story is about the trip of Naruto from an unpopular orphan sprat to being Hokage (kind of suchlike chairman) of Konoha. As a sprat he was always left alone, people used to bully him and call him a monster (as 9 tails were sealed within him) and the worst was that he didn’t know about it.

As time passed down, people started admitting him. Naruto is notorious due to a lot of reasons. One of them could be that we can relate to it, we all have dreams and we try our stylish to fulfill them and that’s exactly what Naruto does.

Fortnite x Naruto Skin:

Fortnite Naruto Skin
Fortnite Naruto Skin

This Naruto skin was expected to come in Fortnite season 8 as a part of the battle pass. However, it proved to be wrong.

On this incident, ShiinaBR, one of the most trusted Fortnite data miners replied that Naruto will, contrary to earlier expectations, NOT be in the Season 8 Battle Pass but he will 100% come to Fortnite in S8, according to Donald Mustard.

Donald said this was a “misunderstanding” and he said he’ll not be a BP skin. Hope all these statements proved to be right and we see the skin soon in Fortnite.

Latest Update on Naruto Skin:

With this tweet, it seems that this crossover is very close. After reading it many players who had lost their hopes are again very excited for the skin to be added to the game. Hope this time it doesn’t take much time and be successfully added to the game. We have to keep a bit more patience.

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