When is The Pokemon Unite Season End Date? Aeos Rewards

Read our following guide to find out Pokemon Unite Season 1 End date and Rewards. A stepwise and easy guide to help you.

Pokemon Unite Season 1 End: Pokemon Unite becoming a fan favorite game with its unique game concept. Some people will have got the idea that Pokemon is going to be a season to wish like the top games (FORTNITE, CALL OF DUTY, etc). The game is currently running Season 1 which will also end for the new season.

Pokemon Unite Season 1 End Date Reveal:

Pokemon Unite ranked season 1 will end on 7 November. After this date, all players’ ranks will be reset and they will get a new set of items to practice with. In New Season, All players will also get a new Battle Pass and other Compelling Content. Completely, the Results will be finalized on Sunday, 7 November.

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Pokemon Unite Season 1 end is coming. So at the end of the season, players are trying to earn ranked rewards and make stronger their grind. These awards will be given at the end of the season, based on the highest rank the players have achieved during the season.

Season 1 End rewards:

Season 1 rewards for Pokemon Unite (Pokemon MOBA). This reward you can obtain at only season 1 end date.

Aeos tickets:

Beginner – 2000 Aeos tickets

Great – 4000 Aeos tickets

Expert – 6000 Aeos tickets

Veteran – 10000 Aeos tickets

Ultra – 15000 Aeos tickets

Master – 20000 Aeos tickets

AESO: Aeos is a currency of Pokemon Unite which had many types like ( Aeos tickets, Aeos Coin and Aeos Gems). It uses for many times redemption.

Here are all the rank rewards that players can get based on their ranked performance.
So, all of you go and complete guys your Rankpush as soon as possible to redeem these unique Aeos before Pokemon unite season 1 ends. Because of the Master tier, the reward is most expansive than another tier reward.
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