How to Study Caretakers Footprints in Fortnite Season 8

Caretakers Footprint Fortnite
Caretakers Footprint Fortnite

This year in Fortnitemares 2021- the third week, epic has brought a similar challenge but in a new avatar. Players are requested to study Caretakers Footprints in Fortnite season 8.

Ariana Grande has returned to the game but this time as an NPC. She has a set of challenges that players need to perform and complete in order to gain additional XP. One of the challenges asks players to study Caretakers Footprints on the map of Fortnite in different locations.

Ariana Grande quests are also known as “Monster Hunter“. More quests which are given by her are below along with the rewards:

  • Launching signal flares- 30k XP
  • Revealing the command symbol- 30k XP
  • Collecting symbols from eliminated cube monsters- 30k XP
  • Collect a record and place it under turntable- 30K XP.
  • Studying the Caretakers Footprints in Fortnite- 30K XP.

How To Study The Caretakers Footprints Fortnite:

Study Caretakers Footprints
Caretakers Footprints Fortnite

In order to complete this task, players need to study at least two Caretakers Footprints in Fortnite season 8. It is an easy task to study two footprints from a total of 11 footprints. As soon as you study them your this quest will get over and you will be awarded 30,000 XP.

Studying the Caretakers Footprints in Fortnite is quite easy. You just need to stare towards the Footprint and use the interaction button to study them. So the main problem lies with the location of these Footprints. Once you find them you will be able to complete this quest very easily.

Here are all the 11 locations that players need to visit in order to complete this challenge. Please remember that you only need to visit any two places from the below locations:

  • Believer Beach
  • Holly Hedges 
  • Boney Burbs 
  • Pleasant Park
  • Craggy Cliffs 
  • Corny Crops
  • Dirty Docks 
  • Retail Row 
  • Carry Corner 
  • Lazy Lake
  • Misty Meadows

It is suggested that players should start this quest with Retail Row. This is because Caretaker’s Footprints which are in Catty Corner are very close to the Retail Row footprint. This will allow players to complete this quest in one match only which will save a lot of time. Caretakers Footprints in Fortnite will be available in many places but the above places are the easiest ones.

Once you complete this quest in Fortnite season 8, you will get 30,000 Additional XP. After completing this quest players can move to other quests available in this set to earn more additional XP.

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