Shadow Midas in Fortnite Featured by BittRageQuit in The News Feed

shadow Midas Fortnite Skin in Item Shop with lots of new in-game items. Have you missed an opportunity to get Shadow Midas skin last year? Well, if your answer is then youโ€™re going to get another golden opportunity this Halloween 2021. In this blog post, you will get a brief introduction to Shadow Midas Skin. How to get it in Fortnite and news about the BittRAgeQuit video?
Featured Image: Shadow Midas in Fortnite Featured by BittRageQuit in The News Feed
New Character in Fortnite

What is Shadow Midas in Fortnite?

First, if you are a new player or someone who does not know about Shadow Midas then let me tell you in short. It is an outing or skin and it’s not a new release. Moreover, The first release of this character is in Chapter 2 Season 9.
On the other hand, Fortnite is going to re-release this skin in celebration of the 2021 Halloween event with other cosmetics. It is an Outfit with levels of Epic rarity in the game and has vibes of Halloween and ghost.
Shadow Midas in Fortnite
Halloween Fortnitemere
The most important thing about Shadow Midas is that Fortnite modifies the previous Midas and releases them in the form of Fortnite Mares in 2020. Everyone is expecting to add its new skin in the game but it’s not yet. They release an outfit in this 2021 Halloween week and give players a new opportunity to get this rare item.

Who is BittRageQuite and Why it Got Featured by Fortnite?

The BittRageQuit is a Fortnite YouTuber and he is not a streamer, gamer or anything like that. He makes cinematic videos related to Frostbite on YouTube. Why is it so important? Well, Today one of the most popular Fortnite news Twitter accounts- โ€œiFireMoneyโ€ tweeted about this channel. You can see it below about Fortnite Outfit Shadow Midas:

ย According to this tweet, The Fortnite Game features a video in the News Feed of the game. Which is made by none other than BittRageQuit. The important point is that the game is supporting content creators. It is a great thing for gamers and gaming content creators. That is all about the shadow Midas in Fortnite and cinematic youtube.

In The End:

If you have not added the Fort Nightmares to your collection then itโ€™s a great opportunity for you to add Shadow Midas. Moreover, it is more about supporting content creators and making a better gaming community for Fortnite. Or any other game in the world like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire.

Also, check out the details for the Ravina Skin in Fortnite.

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