Pokemon Unite Patch Notes New Features and Update

Featured Image: Pokemon Unite Patch Notes New Features and Update
Pokemon Unite Patch Notes New Features and Update

Pokemon Unite Patch Notes: A few days ago Pokemon Unite releases their patch note with some new features. It is a quite new game and that’s why they need to update the game quite frequently. Moreover, these features are pretty small or you can say minor ones that are hard to notice. On the other hand, they are beneficial for plays and become big in the long run.

So, Today in this blog you get the complete list of updates and features of Patch Note of Pokemon Unite.

What are Pokemon Unite Patch Notes?

Well, if you do not know what patch notes are then here is a quick introduction for you. When a game or app releases an Update then they also release a list of features. It tells what is going to change, update, and add to the game. These lists of features are known as Patch Notes. I hope you like this introduction and let’s move back to the main topic.

As I said earlier, there are not many patch notes but they are important. The last patch note happen on 20th October 2021 with the Halloween update. Now, they release another update, this update is 14-16 Mb (quite small) also with minor features.

Patch Notes of Pokemon Unite Update: 


The patch update comes with small bug fixes like in some devices Greedent is not showing as Defender. Moreover, it also comes with new, small, and helpful features like you can access your friend list from the Lobby. Let’s start the list:

  1. Bug Fixes and Adjust for the game and it’s especially for mobile devices. Consoles are pretty well in this but mobile devices are struggling with some mirror bugs in Pokemon Unite.
  2. You can access some important tabs directly from the Lobby Screen of your game. These are like shortcuts for quick work and these shortcuts are Friend List, Event, and Lobby.


Well, these are the only patch notes or you can say updates of Pokemon Unite. Even these changes are small but they are a great help while playing the game. Personally, I like the feature of accessing a friend list directly from the Lobby. Moreover, these changes are important to keep the game alive and interesting. Let me know in the comment section about your opinion on this update and what you want to change and add in Pokemon Unite?

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