Gengar Pokemon Build and Moveset: Pokemon Unite

Read our following guide to find out Gengar Pokemon Build and Moveset: Pokemon Unite. A stepwise and easy guide to help you.

Gengar Pokemon Build and Moveset: Pokemon Unite
Gengar Pokémon (Source: POKEMON UNITE)

Gengar Build And Moveset: Pokémon Unite is becoming everyone’s fan favourite game. So, In this article, I’m going to tell you about the Gengar Pokemon Build and Moveset for Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch. Gengar Pokemon is special damage type Pokemon.

About Gengar: Pokemon Unite-

In Pokemon Unite, Gengar is a Melee, Special Attacker and Speedster Pokemon but it phases a few difficulties on expert type players. Gengar costs 10000 Aeos coins / 500 Aeos Gems in the game. Aeos coins and gems are currencies of Pokemon Unite. Gengar is a master of the surprise attack that lurks in the shadows.


Gengar’s Build and Moveset:

In Pokemon Unite, Gengar Builds and Movesets are-

Basic attack- Like every Pokemon’s player, it also becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, lunging at an against Pokemon and dealing damage.

Levitate- Gengar Pokemon as Speedster, Levitate is an ability of this player. It helps when the Pokémon is not in combat, its movement speed is increased in the Game.

Will-O-Wisp- In Pokemon Unite, Will-O-Wisp shoots multiple sinister flames, dealing damage against players and leaving burned when it hits. It has two Moveset:

Moveset 1: Shadow Ball

Moveset 2: Sludge Bomb

Upon reaching Level 5 I’m selecting Gengar Pokemon to build one of these moves which are Shadow Ball. Because of this hurls a shadowy blob at the target, decreasing the movement speed and special defence against Pokemon for a short time when it hits.

Shadow Ball Upgrade: After upgrade, it increases damage dealt by this move.

Lick- Lick attacks with the player’s tongue and pulls rejecting Pokemon toward the player. It also has two Moveset:

Moveset 1: Dream Eater

Moveset 2: Hex

After reaching level 7, I’m selecting Hex more than Dream Eater in Gengar Pokemon Build. It has the player disappear and move to the appointed location and dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect when the user reappears. If this hits an opposing Pokemon that is afflicted by an important condition, it imposes boosted damage and its cooldown is decreased. The player’s next basic attack after this activity becomes a boosted attack.

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