Boogie Bomb vs Combat Shotgun in Fortnite: Who Will Win?

boogie bomb vs combat Shotgun
boogie bomb vs combat Shotgun

This is a very important and crucial time for Fortnite as you know there is a vote going on right now between boogie bomb vs combat Shotgun. At present time combat shotgun is winning by few percentages.

Boogie Bomb vs Combat Shotgun:

This voting system allows the whole community to decide which item to unvault. In the same way, the Combat Assault Rifle and Shockwave Launcher were voted and selected for the game.

This time the fight is between the Boogie bomb and Combat Shotgun. Both are amazing weapons. One is a powerful close-range weapon and another makes the enemy break into dance.

Both are the best weapons on their end but only one will be able to win the votes and will be able to make it to the game.

Boogie Bomb:

Boogie Bomb vs Combat Shotgun

The Boogie Bomb is an OG item in Fortnite. It was one of the first items added to the game way back in chapter 1. It is a fun item that makes the game interesting. This bomb doesn’t gives direct damage to the enemy. It makes the enemy dance for 5 seconds and during this time players cannot perform any task like building, attacking, etc. This bomb limits the activity of the opposite player which makes it easy for the player to eliminate the opponent.

Combat Shotgun Fortnite:

Combat Shotgun

This Combat Shotgun comes with a damage output of 63 and with 107.1 high DPS. It comes with a high fire rate of 1.7. This shotgun is best suited for players having high accuracy and good aim. It was added to the game in season 9. A drawback for this shotgun is that it takes time to reload. So choose it only if you have a good aim.

Who is Winning- Boogie bomb vs Combat Shotgun?

At present, it seems that Boogie Bomb will lose the votes. Combat Shotgun has more percentage of votes than the Boogie Bomb. If you want Boogie Bomb to win the votes then you should give your vote to the amazing funny Boogie bomb. Many Youtubers are in favor of the bomb but as we can see it has fewer votes so it will be a little bit difficult for Boogie Bomb to win the fight.

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