Pokemon unite Holowear Eldegoss: Space Style is Now Available in Game

Pokemon unite Holowear Eldegoss: Space Style is now available in Game. The theme of the current season is space and in that celebration. That’s why the Pokemon Unite team release a new in-game item. In this blog post you will get an overview of this Holowear and also How to get it? Moreover, This item is only available for a limited time so you need to buy them before it ends.ย 
How to get Eldegoss Space Style Holowear in Pokemon Unite?
How to get Eldegoss Space Style Holowear in Pokemon Unite?
Read more to know about the new Holowear, its appearance and how to get it in the game.

Pokemon Unite Eldegoss Holowear: Space Style is Now Available in the Game

Eldgoss is a Supporter type pokemon in Pokemon Unite which helps your team to defend the goal. Moreover, it is quite a deadly combination with an attacker like Pickachu and Cinderace. And it is also weak against attacker type pokemon. But, Eldegoss have a ranged attack which helps players to attack opponent pokemon. Also, without getting close to them.ย 
Eldegoss already has 3 Holowears but now the total number of Holowears is 4 (including Space Style). Now, you can imagine how popular this pokemon is in pokemon unite.

How to get Eldegoss Space Style Holowear in Pokemon Unite?

First, this Holowear is not free and also available for only a limited period in Pokemon Unite. The next thing is it’s more expensive than any other Eldegoss Hollower. Moreover, The cost of it is 400 Aeos Energy and if you do not have Aeos energy then you have to buy it from gems.ย 
But, if you really want to buy it then you have to visit the shop section of your Pokemon Unite game. Click on the Zirco Trading section where players can buy Holowears for their pokemon. After that, click on Eldegoss and choose your Holowear, and it’s done.

One Final Note:

The first thing is buying an expensive or new Holowear is not going to make you a professional player. Moreover, if you already have an Eldegoss Holowear then do not buy a new one. On the other hand, it’s the player’s own choice and game but keep yourself happy and do not do things at the extreme.ย 

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