Operation Motherland: New Game Mode in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Operation Motherland Update: A new game mode of Ghost Recon Breakpoint is going to release in the upcoming days of November 2021. Moreover, it is an official announcement by the Developer of Ghost Recon Breakpoint itself – The Ubisoft Paris. Today in this blog post you will learn about the updated patch notes. And the date of release on different consoles.

Featured Image: Operation Motherland: New Game Mode Update in Ghost Recon Breakpoint
Operation Motherland: New Game Mode Update in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Operation Motherland: New Game Mode in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Well, the exact release date is November 2, 2021, and it’s officially confirmed by Ubisoft itself. Moreover, this update also comes with some other small buffs and nerfs in this update. The summary of this update is:

In Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Operation Motherland, players will help Karen Bowman and the outcasts liberate the island of Aurora which is at the center of an upcoming global conflict. A new faction of enemies, more dangerous than ever, will do everything to block the Ghosts’ progress. In Operation Motherland players will discover new weapons including the M110, the ACR and the SR-1 as well as a new enemy faction, cosmetic gear and Russian vehicle skins in Maria’s Shop.

Features of Motherland Update:

  • Game Mode: The first and most important thing is Operation Motherland getting a new one. And awesome game mode with lots of new functions. The mode is known as “Conquest Mode” and in this mode. every mission is connected with the world and its dynamic.
  • The Progress System: The next big thing is after this update the player’s experience level will increase to Level 99. In other words, the maximum XP level is 99.
  • Optical Camo: Finally, the last feature of operation motherland is actually a return of the old update. Optical Camo is an in-game item. That helps players to become invisible to their enemies at a certain distance from them. Moreover, it is only available in the new game mode aka Conquest Mode with a new story mode.

The new update is coming with new and exciting features which will help gamers to play fresh gameplay. In other words, New game modes give new perspectives and help them to discover more about the game. Visit our site to know all updates at first, Click Here!

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