Free Fire Magic Cube Bundle: How to Get it for Free?

Free Fire Magic Cube Bundle: Today Garena Free Fire releases a new offer for their players and it’s totally free of cost for everyone. As you may know, currently the Diwali Event and Celebration is running in the game and new in-game items are introduced per day. So, let’s know how to obtain your Magic Bundle for free?

Free Fire Magic Cube Bundle
How to Get it for Free Magic Bundle?

What is Free Fire Magic Cube Bundle?

Well, Free Fire is an online survival and battle royal game for both mobile devices android and ios. The best thing about it is they always come with new events and items for their players which help to keep it engaging and playable. Moreover, they re-release in-game items known as “Magic Bundle Cube” which are available for free. This bundle contains multiple items and stuff and also these are premium ones.

If you do not know then let me tell you they release a new game trailer in celebration of Diwali. In this video 4 friends are playing Free Fire and getting lots of gifts from Garena. The main attraction and greatest giveaway is Magic Cube Bundle itself. Below you get to know about obtaining it for free.

Free Fire Magic Cube Bundle Gifts list: 

  • Star Gazer
  • Nutcracker
  • Verdict Iron Face
  • Judgement Iron Face
  • Avenge Full–Leather
  • Revenge Full – Leather
  • Beast – Arm Clone
  • Beast – Arm Mutant
  • Yokai Soulseeker
  • Oni Soulseeker
  • The Era of Gold
  • The Age of Gold
  • Arcane Seeker
  • Mystic Seeker
  • Duchess Swallowtail
  • C. Colonel
  • C. Commander
  • Hipster Bunny
  • Inking Affection
  • Madame Punisher
  • Punisher
  • The Heart of Iron
  • The Nerves of Steel
  • The Contingency Elite

How to Get Free Fire Magic Cube Bundle for Free?

Now, what the new event is all about but let’s see how to get it and when it is going to be available for everyone? Well, the event is going to be available on 4th November 2021, in other words, on the day of Diwali you get it as a present.

All players will automatically receive it and you just need to open and exchange your desirable item from it. On 4th November 2021 open the store and exchange the item. That’s it, you do not need to complete any task or challenge.

To Conclude: 

All players should gain benefits from Free Fire Magic Cube Bundle types of events because they are free of cost and do not require any other items. Moreover, these items are premium and only available for a limited period.

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