All About Fortnite Update October 2021

Fortnite update October 2021
Fortnite update October 2021

New Fortnite Update October 2021: Fortnite 18.30 update is just set to release today i.e 26 October 2021. This update is expected to bring lots of new content to the game. As players know we are in the last week of Fortnitemares so it is expected that this update will bring more Fortnitemares items and Cube Queen Secret Skin.

Fortnite 18.30 Update Downtime:

Due to Fortnite 18.30 update, the Fortnite servers will be down at around 1 AM PST / 4 AM EST / 9 AM BST / 10 AM CEST. Moreover, matchmaking will also be disabled 30 minutes before the start of the update. There is no specific time mentioned for how long will this update go but according to past update experience, the update will be last long for around 2 hours.

The size of the update is expected to be greater than last weeks update and the update size is not the same for every platform. It always varies from platform to platform.

What to Expect From Fortnite 18.30 Update?

This update is mainly centered around Fortnitemares so we may see the remaining content and skin related to Fortnitemares only. There are also chances that the cube town may transform into a rumored Pyramid like last season.

We’re also going to see the Return of the Hacivat Skin in Fortnite very soon.

Update Bug Fixes:

  • Smash Attack ability along with Sideways Scythe resulting in fall damage.
  • trees not appearing in the creative island map.
  • In save the world mode, players become invisible after respawning.
  • Wolverine Emote is not working correctly.
  • Error when players try to equip color combinations of Tricksy.
  • When the enemy fires red dot indicator is not showing.
  • In the Lab, Dungeon players get stuck in the vault door.
  • A virtual issue like 4x missions in Fortnite is not showing the 4x rewards for the same.
  • Weapons sometimes disappear from the Chests.

And many more bug fixes coming in this update.

More About This Fortnite Update Today:

As this tweet suggests epic has added some files for an unknown skin which is named “Moss_CarbideBlack” to the Resident Evil files. So maybe it is predictable that epic is going to add this skin also in this update other than fortnitemares skin which is leftover as this is the end of the fortnitemares.

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