What is Pokemon UNITE Pumpkin Box, Guide, and How to Use it?

What is Pokemon UNITE Pumpkin Box? In this blog, you will learn about Pumpkin Box and Special Tip about getting many Pumpkins per Box.

Pokemon UNITE Pumpkin Box Guide and Use: Pokemon UNITE is one of the most popular MOBA in 2021. Characters in this game are not people but Pokemonโ€™s. Moreover, it is a cross-platform game. In other words, you can play it on both Mobile and Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Unite Pumpkin Box Guide
How to get many pumpkins from the pumpkin box.

They are running the Halloween event. Gamers are confused about a new in-game item Pumpkin Box. So, today you will learn about Pumpkin Box. Moreover, you get a secret tip to get many pumpkins.

How to get Pokemon Unite Pumpkin Box?

Pumpkin Box is a limited-time item in celebration of Halloween. It is only available during the current event. The event starts on 20th October and it will end on 7 November. So, you have to obtain it before 7 November.

These pumpkin boxes are not free to get. Players need to complete a set of challenges and exchange with other pumpkins. You need to play the Halloween theme Mer Stadium in the Quick Match section.

First, complete the challenges and obtain free pumpkins. After that, you can exchange them to buy Pumpkin Boxes. The cost per Pumpkin Box is 2 Pumpkins in Pokemon Unite.

How to Use a Pumpkin Box in Pokemon Untie?

Greedent Pokemon Unite
Greedent Pokemon Unite

Pumpkins boxes are in the Your Item Box section. Basically, you need to Menu > Item Box > Consumable Items > Pumpkin Box > Use. The number of pumpkins you get depends on your Luck!

Players can get from 1 to 50 pumpkins from each Pumpkin Box. On the other hand, When I tried this, I only got 1 pumpkin per box. So, I get 5 pumpkins from 5 boxes.

Special Tip: What should the Player do?

There are many other good items available for exchange. I am trying to say that Pumpkin Box is not worth exchanging in Pokemon Unite. You should invest your pumpkins in obtaining Greedent or other permanent items.

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