Where Is Shipwreck Cove In Fortnite: Complete Guide

shipwreck cove in fortnite
shipwreck cove in Fortnite

As you know Fortnitemares 2021 is going on because of which new challenges are coming up with amazing free skins and a lot of additional XP. If you are interested in free skins and XP then you should complete all the challenges. So in the daily punchcard, there is one mission in which players are asked to visit Shipwreck Cove in Fortnite.

This challenge will help you fetch 45,000 XP which is a very great thing. You can complete this challenge in just one match also it very easy task.

If you are already familiar with this landmark and have landed there once then it is a very easy task for you to complete this challenge. If you don’t know about this location then no need to worry. After reading this article you will know how to reach there.

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About Shipwreck Cove

Shipwreck Cove is a small island in Fortnite battle royal map. It was introduced in Chapter2 Season1. You will find some boats standing there on the island and some fishing rods in the shakes.

Where to Find Shipwreck Cove inΒ Fortnite?

shipwreck cove in fortnite
shipwreck cove in Fortnite

Shipwreck Cove island is located in the bottom right corner of the battle royale map. To be more specific in the southeast of Lazy Lake and Catty Corner. When you will reach there you will see a small bay with many boats standing there. For completing the quest you just have to visit the Shipwreck Cove location in Fortnite just once i.e you have to land at this location for one match and then your quest will get complete and you will receive 45,000 XP.

When you land there keep one thing in mind that you have to keep your eye on the storm as you are on the edge of the map so you have to move towards the zone very fast.

Past Shipwreck Cove Challenges?

Past missions in Shipwreck Cove include destroying the ships standing there. It was also a very easy task for people who know where the Shipwreck Cove island is located. For reference, you can check the above image for better clarity about the location of Shipwreck Cove.

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