Valorant Random Agent Picker: Know How It Works

Know everything about Valorant Random agent picker.

Valorant Random Agent Picker
Omen is a controller agent

Valorant Random Agent Picker: Valorant offers a lot of variety when it comes to agent selection. There are a total of 17 agents in the game with different abilities and different playstyle. The 18th is expected to launch soon and is named Deadeye. Mastering all of the agents is not possible for a casual player.

Here we are with some unique challenges for you with some details.

What Is Valorant Random Agent Picker?

Valorant Random Agent Picker
Valorant Agents

Before entering the game, Valorant allows players to select their agent in the lobby. Moreover, players select their favorite agent according to the team, map, and what the playstyle needed. Furthermore, all the agents are divided into 4 categories in Valorant are Controller, Initiator, duelist, And Sentinel.

A good team requires a perfect mixture of all these agents. So, selecting one will not do good, and you need some variety. However, Valorant Random agent picker is like a challenge and provides you with an option. So, in case you want to try new agents and are confused to select which one. You can take help from these pickers.

Mostly, streamers and professional players use this trick in order to entertain their fans or challenge themselves. Moreover, it will help you to adapt the game style of different agents.

How To Use?

There are several websites available on the internet which work as a Valorant random agent picker. So, in order to take help, just visit the website and click on ‘Get Random Agent’.

The website will provide an option that you should try this agent in your next game. However, this is not always possible. So, players can take help from filter to. Filters help you to categorize which type of agent do you want to select. Like, if you are no god at duelist agents, then you can remove the section.

The Valorant random agent picker works like a challenge for most of the players. They take challenges from these websites to try new agents. Also, if you do not lock any agent in the lobby, and your selected agent is already taken by someone else, Valorant randomly gives you an agent.

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