Youtube Streamy Awards 2021: A Tough Competition This Year


Youtube Streamy awards 2021
Streamy Awards

Yes, you read that right. The most exclusive award show for gaming, The Youtube Streamy Awards 2021 is back. But it has so much more this year, more than the last decade. All this is due to Minecraft. It has again become one of the most viewed games on Youtube. All that credit goes to our Content Creators.

Without These hardworking, Non-sleeping, Powerhouse, And what not if you think for some more names to give them. They are really the real winner of this award. All the Nominees deserve the same love as they put towards their own content.

 Youtube Streamy Awards 2021: The Nominees-

Well, the Streamy Awards, else known as Streamy has been going on now for more than a decade. It was started in 2009 when they decided to award the hard work of the Content Creators on Youtube. However, that ritual will continue this year too.

The nominees are declared by the Youtube Streamy Awards on their Twitter Handle. The list has new as well as some old faces too. But the Minecraft fans are not surprised to see that face as they had the intuition that this would happen. Therefore, Here is the list of nominees for the Streamys:

Dream’s Second-time Nomination For Streamys:

Just like last year, this year too, Dream has done it again. The Dream is a Famous Youtuber. Popularly known for his Minecraft Content. He has secured the nomination list once again. And he again plans to win it.

Youtube Streamy awards 2021
2020 Winner: Dream

Moreover, last year his competitions were FGTeeV, LaurenzSide, PrestonPlayz, and Jelly. But unlike last year, when his chances were very great to win. This year, the Content Creators like MrBeast Gaming and others, who have a very high chance of winning this year.

Stress During the Youtube Streamy Awards 2021-

All the nominees are really pumped up to have a good competition this year. However, all that healthy competition-vibe was lost when TommyInnit, one of the popular YouTubers, apologised to MrBeast Gaming Claiming that his vote will be in the favour of Dream.

This has created a sense of cold war among these two YouTubers. With context to this MrBeast Gaming Claims that the last year Youtube Streamy Award was won by Dream and that it is now his turn.

To which Dream replies that his intentions are again clear to win the Awards this year too.

Well, We all can hope for our Favourites to win. And all that will be possible in December as the Youtube Streamy Award will be streamed in December. The event will be live-streamed on Youtube and respective Platforms. So stay tuned with us for more details and updates.

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