All You Need To Know About Kaash Plays: Gaming Journey And Teams

Kaash Plays
Know everything about Kaash

Kaashvi Hiranandani also known as Kaash Plays is one of the recently grown content creators in the gaming community. She is well known for her entertaining streams and to showcase different kinds of game content as most of the YouTuber streamers stick to BGMI or Valorant.

So, here is a detailed article on Kaashvi.

Know Everything About Kaash Plays: Journey

Kaash Plays
The famous ‘Wynk Challenge’ by Kaash

Kaash used to play games from her early school days. She expressed he love for gaming in several interviews. Moreover, she also used to play PUBG Mobile in 2018, but she was more into PC games.

In 2019, she started playing Call of Duty Mobile. She was very good at the game and was ranked Legendary in COD-ranked matches. Furthermore, she started her Youtube channel Kaash plays in 2020 started uploading some COD clips. Following these clips, she also started clips.

However, the stream in the initial days was not regular. Kaash used to work in a finance company other than gaming. Further, he started cutting her time in order to give more time to gaming and streaming.

Kaash came into the limelight when she started streaming along with BGMI professional player Tanmay Singh a.k.a Scout. In an interview, Scout confessed that he was looking for teammates to play the COD: Cold War game and he found Kaash.

Scout’s audience showered Kaash with love as they found something new from a girl gamer other than BGMI. Kaash streams games like It takes two, Residential Evil, Fal Guys, and Minecraft.

Teams And Career

Currently, Kaash has more than 300k subscribers on Youtube and 145k followers on Instagram.

Other than Kaash plays Youtube channel, she streams on Loco. She has more than 13k followers on Loco. In a recent interview, Kaash announced that she had left her job in order to pursue streaming and content creation as a full-time job.

BGMI ID: 5350744405


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Kaash is also a content creator for Team XO.Β  Currently, Loco is the streaming partner of Kaash plays and she has one sponsor in her bag named AMD Ryzen.

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