How can You Watch Minecraft Live Event 2021? Every Detail Here

Here is how, where, and when you can watch Minecraft live events.

New Minecraft Mob Vote 2021
Original Credits of the image: Minecraft.net

The Minecraft Live event is almost here and we can feel your desperation for the event. The tense situation is everywhere. whether your desired Mob will win the Vote or not? All these dilemmas will be cured in few seconds, just wait. We will solve all your difficulties regarding how, where, and When you can watch the Minecraft Mob event 2021?

Just like last year, this year’s Minecraft Live event is filled with so much awesome content. Moreover, the excitement of the players was visible even before the date for the event was announced. If you are one of those who made the mistake of choosing the “Glowing Squid”, Then here is the chance to redeem yourself.

Minecraft Mob Event: All Options-

mob vote
Mob Vote Options 2021

With all the Options released in the previous days, we have all the Mobs in front of them. With all the Minecraft Mob event hype, we have-

  •  Glare:- The Glare was announced the first for the Minecraft Mob event. It is a small green-colored mob that hates dark. It becomes Grumpy when the surroundings don’t have enough light. And is right for the Monster Mobs to spawn. This is the first mob for the Minecraft live event.
  • Allay: This is the Mob that has made it to the top list without any question. This Blue, Non-hostile Vex-looking Fairy is sure, the Favourite of most of the Players. It will take some items from you and then Will search and Bring the same items back to you.
  • Copper Golem:- This cute little pal was introduced at the last. This is a Copper Golem that players can build by themselves and will be their friends in the game. This little creature loves to push random buttons and will get oxidize over time.

All these are the three options for the Minecraft Mob event 2021. This time the battle is seen in between the Allay and the Copper Golem. All the players seem to love these two mobs the most and the fight can be really neck-to-neck.

How to Watch Minecraft Event?:

You can watch the Minecraft live event however you want unless you have a device and internet connection. The Minecraft Event is on October 16, 2021, at 9:00 AM PDT, 12:00 PM EDT, and 5:00 PM BST. The timing of the event for the different zones is given below:


Moreover, the Event can be seen on the Official Minecraft platforms like:

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Twitch

However, if you missed the live stream then don’t worry because the stream will be uploaded on all these platforms and you can still watch the event there. And to watch the Minecraft Mob Votes 2021, Go to Minecraft.Net

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