Dragon Master Bundle Free Fire: Get this Bundle for Free (October 2021)

Dragon Master Bundle Free Fire: The new event is released on 13 October 2021 and will be last for a week. If you want to get free rewards and more in-game items then read the full article. This event will end on 19th October 2021, so, you get one whole week to obtain this bundle.

Featured Image: Dragon Master Bundle in Free Fire
Dragon Master Bundle Free Fire: Get this Bundle for Free (October 2021)

What is Dragon Master Bundle in Free Fire?

Free Fire always releases new updates, events, and in-game items to keep their game interesting. Moreover, They release a new event recently “Hit The Loot Event” for their players. This is an event that gives you a chance to obtain in-game items at low cost or even free. This event is started on 13th October 2021 and ends on 19th October 2021.

How to get In-game stuff in – Hit The Loot Event?

First, in the Hit, The Loot Event players will get chances to spin a wheel and claim the Dragon Master Bundle. Moreover, the best thing about this event is every spin will give you at least one reward. On the other hand, this wheel contains a total number of 9 rewards. You need to spin 9 times in total to get every reward on the list.

Price Pool of Dragon Master Bundle Event: 

As you know, there is a total of 9 rewards in this event. For every spin, you will get one reward and for more, you need to spin at least 9 times. Let’s their name and more…

  • The First one is the Dragon Master Bundle
  • Second, The Warrior’s Spirit
  • Third, is Fiery Flames surfboard
  • The fourth one is the Crate of Balance
  • Fifth is the Cube Fragment
  • Sixth is the great Diamond Royale Voucher
  • The seventh one is Weapon Royale Voucher
  • Eight is Game Streamer Gun Crate and 
  • Finally, Titanium Gun Crate

Special note:

What if any players already own one of Dragon Master Bundle? Well, you do not have to worry about that because you will get “Gun Create” in a replacement. second, you only get one spin for free, and for more than the one you need to pay for diamonds. Moreover, the cost of every spin will increase after every spin.


You can get these items for low cost and one thing for Free. If you get lucky then you can obtain the Dragon Master Bundle for free but you need to be super lucky for that. Moreover, this event will give you all rewards at half of the actual prize. Use that discount spin to get every spin at half of the actual prize. 

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